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JP and Annie

Jonathan Peebles, aka Jonny P, aka JP has done what's expected of him his whole life. Now, he's going to start doing what he wants, music! After his wife died, something in him changed. JP is fit, active at 67yrs young. He's finally retiring, letting his son, David take over. His daughter, Melanie is a veterinarian. JP has always had a close relationship w his kids, grandkids. Lately though, David hasn't been happy w some of his dad's behavior. He dyed his grey hair brown, got a tattoo, playing guitar in a band and his girlfriend, Annie. She's the lead singer of their band.

David doesn't want JP to be taken advantage of. He hired a PI to check out Annie Bless. What he found out floored him! She's just as rich as JP! Annie is a real estate mogul. Apparently, they've known eachother for years. Sitting on different charity boards, rubbed elbows at the country club. At last, David can stop thinking she's a gold digger!

JP and Annie talked for years about playing music together. Jp's wife, Abigail wasn't musically inclined. Annie surmised that's why JP never pursued it when she was alive. Annie thought it was a waste of talent, but to each their own. Annie's husband, Jarvis Garner was a successful lawyer. He died three years ago from cancer. After a year of mourning, Annie stopped wearing black, started living again. Annie's three kids were very happy she'd started singing again! They had two boys and a girl. Jarvis Junior, Grant, Emily.

JP and Annie were playing a club one night, the crowd, the air was electric. It was as if a switch had been flipped, suddenly they were the only two ppl in the room, like in the movies. Their set ended, they went back to her house. They couldn't get their clothes off fast enough! Kissing fondling fingering sucking neither one of them had had sex like that since they were first married. Both of them were relieved that they didn't have to worry about birth control at their age so JP fucked Annie hard, shooting his cum deep in her pussy! What happen next surprised Annie, JP ate his cum from Annie's cunt, making her cum hard in his mouth, then he kissed her. Falling asleep til morning in eachothers arms.

The next morning the maid and the doorbell woke them up. Annie's daughter and her grandson Max were downstairs. All her kids came over for breakfast every Sunday morning, but today it's just Emily and Max. He's 3, unsure about the new baby coming. Right now he thinks it's a puppy. JP was hesitant to stay, but Annie insisted. Annie used the intercom system, told her they'd be down in a few mins. After a shower, quick shave JP was company ready.

Emily wasn't expecting to see JP so early in the morning! Obviously, he'd spent the night. Wow, she thought! I hope my husband can get it up at jp's age! Good for you mom!!!

Breakfast was wonderful as usual! JP and max took in their dishes, giving mother/daughter time to talk. Emily looked at her mom and said, I approve, I'm glad you're happy, scooted closer to Annie and asked, how's sex w a new man? Unshaken, Annie said, it's awesome so far! Last night was our first time. Passionate, yet tender, very Giving like your father was in bed. Before they left, Max and JP played hide and seek, JP found max sound asleep on a guest bed, he carried him down, put him in the car for Emily.

The rest of their day was pretty relaxing, lunch, went skinny dipping, ate dinner, watched a movie, started to make love, they were naked when Emily came rushing in the front door! Max left his blanket here! He won't sleep w out it! She stopped dead, stared at the naked couple in front of her! Wow! JP is Hung like a horse!!! Coming back to reality, she ran upstairs, found the blanket, left blushing and horny!

Emily's husband, Paul text her, max cried himself to sleep when she pulled into the garage. When she went inside Emily summoned her sexy husband to their basement for a full on fuckfest! Pregnancy hormones were raging, especially after seeing jp's cock! It's a good thing the basement is soundproof. It's Paul's man cave/guest suite. Sex during her first pregnancy was amazing! Sex is how her water broke w max.

To be continued.


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