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Last night.. Blackouts..

"I'm feeling frisky but too tired for a big scene tonight."

I understand. I hit the shower and catch a glimpse of her reading in her cat eye glasses in bed, twirling a lock of her grey-streaked black hair. She smirks at me. That bratty sideways glance. She knows exactly what that does to me.

I'm thinking of a mild spicy moment with her as I lather up under the hot water. Nothing in particular but feeling out how horny I am. Answer- Exceptionally horny.

I towel off and she's in the same spot. I strut over naked, drying off, half-erect and swaying as I stalk her direction. She's put down her phone, flattened herself out on the edge of the bed, and throwing that smirk at me again. Without a word I drop my manhood across her face and feel the warmth of her breath and lips. It's intoxicating. I'm fully engorged in seconds as she teases my balls and then slips it into her waiting, wet mouth. Slowly, sensually, taking her time. I spin to ease myself over her body and drop my cock between her tremendous, swaying DD chest and press them around my throbbing erection.

The cage door unlocks in my mind.

I hop off and pull down her kitty print pajama bottoms, spreading her wide and attacking her clit with my tongue and teeth. She's already sopping wet. I come back up and put a index finger directly on her G-spot. She twists and moans. There's two houseguests in the next room taking refuge on our couches... We must be quiet...

A firm grip on her throat, that should stifle the sound. I pull up and pick her up like a slippery, squirming bowling ball.

"Looks like you're getting Trumped."

She HATES that. A little bratty revenge. She gives me the glare that only means one thing "You're such an asshole" but the words stop midway in her throat, a grip stifles the breath. Another finger finds it's way in and now her hips are lifted off the bed fully as she writhes and then relaxes, submission...

One hard pull and the PJ bottoms are cast off and thrown to the side. I spin her on her back by a leg and plant her ass firmly against me while I stand by the edge of the bed. One quick thrust and I'm balls deep inside her pussy. It's incredibly wet and tight. It's damn near evidence of intelligent design how well she fits me and holds me in all the right places. I keep a grip on her neck as she gyrates her hips, touching every inch of me with the luxury that is her pussy.

"Get on your knees. Now."

She's fast to comply and I'm staring at her perfectly smooth and supple ass as I stand behind her. I place the tip on her precipice...

"Ride that cock."

She sinks down on me hard, that tight little twat hungry for filling. She moans but catches herself.. They're still sleeping one wall away.. She knows what she needs. The PJ bottoms...

She throws one leg of the PJ's over each shoulder and looks back at me. I grab them like the reigns of a wild pony that needs breaking. It's not far from the truth. I double up the cloth around my fists and ease into pressure. Her breaths come in short, gasping rasps. I cross over and double the pressure as she drops lifelessly to the bed, twitching and gasping....

3 seconds go by and she jolts up like a drunk thrown in a cold bath. "Oh my GOD. Did I go out?"

"Oh yeah. Fucking HOT. But now... stay right there..." I lean down to her ear, brushing the sweat-covered hair aside and whisper "You're getting plugged."

I open Pandora's box and pull out our big plug. It's a challenge for her to keep it in. I spit on her asshole and ease in the first of three segments, then the second, and then wait for her back to arch as she readies herself to take the last and biggest section. She utters a long, low moan as it slips in snugly against her asscheeks, dilating her asshole to it's limits.

I slide back in, and drive in fully, my body pressing both phalluses in at her limits. I double down my grip on her pajama reigns again and silence her moans, and again she falls limp and quivering to the bed.

She arrives to consciousness and exclaims "Holy shit... I feel stoned... Oh God... Please...."

The jolt awake pushes the plug out a notch, and as I start easing it back in she reaches back and stops me "May I play with myself, sir?"

"Of course you can my pet. Such a good girl"

She purrs and whips a hand swiftly under herself, giving me a firm stroke on the balls and slides to her clit and rubs.

"Will you please my asshole?"

I let the plug fall out as she pushes it out and lean my cock into her slippery gaping asshole. She welcomes it in with her special talent... arches her back and sucks the length of it right inside. My mind spins every time that happens. She's perfectly wicked and amazing in action.

The moan starts again. She begs for my control and know what a moan earns her. Again I tighten the stranglehold. But I toy with her gasps, allowing her only the smallest breaths. The tightening and relaxing of her asshole as she struggles and gasps brings me close to release.

She pulls forward to beg for the sweet release of blackout, and I pull back to give it to her, her sweaty, lifeless body cums again and crumples to the bed. She awakes in half terror and half joy as I'm furiously pumping her ass...

"Stop... Don't... Please... Cum..."

I can't prolong the agony any longer, hanging on the edge for so long, I empty into her ass and nearly lose my legs, falling on top of her in exhaustion, two sweat-coated bodies in harmony. I sink a deep bite into her shoulder as a final reward and roll to her side. We play bite and share a moment next to each other in caress and embrace... She's an angel... and the anti-christ...


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