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Leanne and Jason 2

Jason and Leanne have been together for over two years, saving money for their wedding. Last week Jason went to Leanne's parents and brother to ask for their permission to ask Leanne to marry him and of course they said yes! Leanne's mom cried when she saw the ring. It's stunning Jason! It's an Art Deco, right? Yes, Thank you Julia, it was my Grandma's ring. Julia asked how and when he is he going to propose? I'm taking her to the beach for dinner, I'm getting takeout from our favorite restaurant, georgio's, wine, her favorite dessert, triple chocolate caramel cake. I'm going to suggest building a sandcastle and when we're done I'm going to find the ring box in the sand, get on one knee, ask her. We'll FaceTime when we get home, I promise.

Jason has worked since he was 13. He's mowed yards, detassled corn, grocery shopped, bagged groceries, washed, detailed cars, he even babysat the neighbors sons a few times. His parents taught him a great work ethic! He was able to buy his first car at 16! That car was his first baby! He sold Kelly for tuition money.

When he went to Grandma Ella's to ask for the ring, he knew she'd agree, give it to him. Grandmas shouldn't have favorite grandkids, but Jason is hers. He comes to see her every Sunday, does things around her house, yard work. She fixes him lunch, iced tea, they talk. The Sunday after their first date, Jason told his grandma he's going to marry Leanne.


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