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Leanne and Jason

Jason and Leanne met in college. Jason kept seeing her at the library, cafeteria, in Psychology class. He got tongue tied around Leanne. She is one of those women who is gorgeous, but doesn't see it in herself.

Leanne won a four year scholarship to Duke University. She wants to be a Marine Biologist. Jason has loved the ocean, its animals as long as he can remember. He wants to be an oceanographer. They'll be an unstoppable team!

Leanne thought Jason was cute, she always liked the boy next door types. She'd gotten to know him in study group. He's a really good hearted guy as well as being smart and a hunk!!! Leanne was sick w the flu and Jason gave her his notes in Psych, agreed to do favors for ppl in her other classes so Leanne could borrow their notes too. When she found out about that, she was hooked! Haha!

Jason asked her out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, Georgio's. He loves his lasagna, but he's tried and been wowed at everything on the menu. Their meal was fantastic! Georgio came out and introduced himself to Leanne. She instantly loved him! He's very charming, attractive for a man his age.

Jason paid, they went for a walk around the town square. They talked for hours about their childhoods, friends, families, heroes, pet peeves, how they both got into marine biology? Jason loves to fish, his grandpa Dan took him every Saturday, told him about the fish, other animals. Leanne's mom worked from home most of the time, was busy, her dad is an ER doctor, so a babysitter took her and her little brother, Dylan to the aquarium and to the beach. Leanne that saw a baby dolphin beached itself, she and Beth got it back in the water!

Jason was having such a great time w Leanne that he didn't notice it was almost 3am! Both of them have early classes! He walked her back to her dorm. Oh! How he wanted to kiss Leanne goodnight! Jason loves her lips! Before he lost his nerve, Jason took her hand, touched her face, kissed Leanne! Their kiss took on a life of its own! One min they were kissing goodnight, the next minute they were naked on her bed!!! Jason asked if she was sure? Leanne kissed him deeper, stroked his hard 8in cock! Grabbing his wallet, Jason took out a condom, opened it, gently slid it on. He cares about Leanne, he wants to protect her. Leanne's pussy is already dripping wet! She can't wait anymore, she pushed Jason's cock deep inside her! She rode him, milking his dick for his hot cum! Leanne started moaning louder, shaking, she came hard! Hearing her sexy noises, feeling her writhing on his cock sent Jason over the edge! Leanne fell asleep in his arms til their alarms went off at 6am.

Leanne was in love after one date! She texted Dylan later that day, told him she met the man she's going to marry! Of course Dylan is skeptical, but he knows his sister, once she sets her mind on something, it happens!


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