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Lee's Enduring Torment

Lee, a 40 something Asian MILF who has small breasts and a tight pussy and ass has just come home from her workout at the local gym. She is wearing her gray sweatpants, white t-shirt, and a bra and pantie underneath.

As she opens the door, a masked man grabs her and puts her in a chokehold that causes her to lose consciousness.

When Lee wakes up, she finds herself tied face down on her bed with her arms and legs outstretched and tightly tied to the corners of the bed. She is still wearing her sweatpants, t-shirt, bra and pantie. She tries to talk but finds there are two panties shoved inside her mouth and sealed with duct tape. She also is unable to see as there are cotton balls stuffed over her eyes and sealed with tape. Sightless and unable to speak, Lee begins to moan and protest through her gag.

“Ah”, the masked man says. “I see your awake.”

“I think it is time you and I have some fun.”

Lee began to struggle against her bonds and made muffled groans through her gag.”

She feels her assailant start to take a pair of scissors and slowly cut up each pant leg- feels the cold steel of the scissors blade. Once both legs are cut, she feels her yoga pants being pulled down. Lee then feels the blade of the scissors cutting through her t-shirt. and then hearing it being removed from her body. She then feels the blade cutting through the straps of her bra releasing her small tits followed by the cutting of the sides of her pantie, which is then removed.

Being fully naked, Lee feels the cool air from the room sweep across her back and butt and she begins to moan through her gag from being uncomfortable while exposed to the now cold air blowing on her body.

Wondering in her mind what will happen, Lee doesn't have to wait long until she experiences a vibrator of some kind being forcibly pushed into her dry pussy. This causes her to let out a muffled grunt of displeasure from the pain. Before she has time to catch her breath, Lee feels another object, another vibrator being forced deep into her dry rectum- but this time she lets out a muffled scream from the pain she is experiencing.

She then hears duct tape being ripped from the roll followed by strips being placed over each vibrator to hold them securely in place.

She then hears the knobs of the vibrators being turned on- and begins to feel the vibrators start to slowly hum in both orifices. 

At first, Lee begins to feel the vibrators begin to cause a tingling sensation in both holes- however, as the speed and intensity increases, her pussy and ass begin to spasm and she feels the start of orgasms which cause her pussy and ass muscles to contract. As the vibrators continue to stimulate her now-sensitive pussy and ass, her moans and muffled ministrations become more pronounced and louder- but still come out as only a muffled and muted sound.

For the next 8 hours, the time that the vibrators will have until the batteries go dead, Lee will be forced to endure countless orgasms and uncontrollable orgasm spasms that will continue to rock her body, and she will not be able to stop the torture or pain she is experiencing.


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