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Lessons in the pain.

I uhhh I fucked up. 3 rules. 3 very fun rules. Why can't I fallow rules?... ughhh.


Kneeling in my spot in nothing as ordered. I can hear him come in. It's almost eerie. Nerve racking to say the least. He's just home from work. Still in his suit. God this man in a suit. Melts me instantly. 

I moan internally.

Standing infront of me, all I see is slacks and shoes but the room intensifies. His breathing...he's upset.

"Ohh kitty cat. Are you ever going to learn."

Sir I'm -

"If sorry comes out of that pretty little mouth..."

I shut up and sink lower into submission.

 There is no getting out of this one.

I keep me head bowed. He passes me, his index finger skimming my shoulder making me shudder.

I hear him clinking around behind me.

His hand suddenly in my hair pulling upwards.

I obey. Simotaniously he's got my hands behind my back and cuffed in my favorite purple cuffs. In what feels like seconds.

"Bend over. Now."

As I do he lays out his weapons of choice for the night. Really their toys but they will be weapons tonight.

  • vibrating butt plug.

  • two way vibrator.

And last but not least the fucking paddle.

I cringe.

He puts the plug in first.

I cry out.

He smiles as he inserts the vibrator into my pussy and nestles the other end on my clit. 

As he grabs my hair and pulls my back up.

"Kitty cat. You'll cum until I say stop tonight.  Oh and be a good girl and make sure you count to 10."

He puts me to my knees and I hear. Click click click and everything comes alive and I keel over. My body is on fire.

Grabbing my head he doesn't waste time shoving his cock deep down my last hole. I gag. Relentlessl, he doesn't stop as the vibrators send me over the edge. I cry out around him.

I feel him reach over me as he comes back he slams the paddle down on my ass. I scream. He plunges deeper..


I obey with an open mouth as number 2 3 & 4 come down respectively.

Over the edge I go.

5 is harder.

I start to suck back trying to gain some control over at least my mouth. Ive lost the rest of me to him.

I lose. He thrusts in harder deeper as the vibrations get faster. My body betraying me once again. 

I gargle out 6 & 7 as they come down, on my ass. Tears spring to my eyes. I bury myself in focusing on his cock.

He starts pounding at my mouth, as I feel him swell 8 hits. I'm barely audible as he lets go down my throat. 

Swallowing hard.  9 comes down as I lose control of my body again and the world becomes a blur around me. Between paddles, the cum shooting down my throat and consecutive back to back to back orgasms. I'm jello. Lost in him.

My knees struggling to keep me upright fROM to a growing puddle.

He backs off my mouth letting me clean him.

He moans out "fuck."


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