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*Lil's Bad Dream*


By BadRdnekDaddyI woke to the gentle sobs of Lil. In the dim light, I could see that she was naked and trembling.

In one motion I grabbed the comforter to cover myself and sat straight up.

"What’s the matter, Babi Girl?? Why are you crying??? Where are your jammies??"

She scurried under the covers and lay with her back to me, pulling me down on my side and pulling my hand to cup her lil breast, "Daddy, I had a terrible dream...this strange man was touching my privates and saying nasty things to me...I begged him to stop… but he just laughed and jerked my jammies down. He pinned me down and was taking off his pants. I woke up terrified and feeling dirty, so I threw my jammies on the floor and ran to your room. I’m scared, Daddy."

"It's ok, Babi, Daddy's was just a dream. Daddy's here now and you're safe."

She snuggled closer, her back against my chest,

Her lil butt cheeks touching my quickly swelling cock. She reached behind her and guided the length of my cock between her lil cheeks and pulled my hand from her breast to the soft moistness between her thighs. "I'm sorry I woke you Daddy."

I couldn’t stop my fingers from gently stroking her wetness as I whispered, "It's ok, Babi. Daddy's here. You're safe now"

Her lil butt was slowly pushing on my now throbbing, dripping cock...and feeling the wetness oozing onto the small of her back, she rolled onto her back and rubbed the oozing cum over the head of my dick with three lil, gentle fingertips, her other hand pushing my finger into her now dripping lil pussy, arching her back and muttering, "Daddy, it doesn’t feel dirty when YOU touch her, ‘cuz I know you LOVE her."

"Yes, Babi, Daddy LOVES his lil pussy."

Feeling the cum fairly running from my cock down to my balls, she whispered, "I'm sorry, Daddy, I've made you nervous...let me help you you can sleep."

She gently pushed me onto my back and slid down to lick the cum from the bottom of my cock to its head and slowly slid her lips over it, then rubbed it across her lips. As she pulled her head up, there was a small string of cum stretching from the tip of my cock to her lips. She slid up to my face, her lips barely touching my nose, her tight, bald pussy pushing onto just the head of my cock.

"Smell, Daddy, SMELLL", she whispered. "I KNOW how much you like to smell your cum on your Babi's lips."

I licked the cum off her lips and rolled her onto her back and pushed the length of my cock into her throbbing lil pussy.

"Oh, Daddy!!!", she screamed, "that feels SOOOOGOOOD!" And she immediately squirted lil Babi cum all over my dick. I grabbed her ass cheeks, now soaked with her cum and couldn't stop

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myself from rubbing her lil virgin bum hole my boiling balls were covering.She looked up at me, confused, and asked, "Why are you touching me THERE Daddy??? You've never touched me THERE before!!"

"Daddy waited until you were older, you would understand."

"Understand WHAT, DADDY??? Understand WHATTT???"

"That Daddy loves his lil butt just like he loves his lil pussy."

As if instinctively, she rolled onto her stomach, her lil ass in the air, her hand pulling my dick, soaked with her lil Babi cum, to her virgin ass, rubbing its dripping head from her lil pussi lips then back over her lil ass, pushing the head in...then slowly...very slowly at first, rotating her hips and pushing me deeper into her lil butt.

As I watched my cock disappearing into her lil Babi ass, she began to buck harder...faster...frantically now...

She looked over her shoulder and screamed, "FUCK HER, DADDY!!!! FUCK YOUR BABI'S ASSSS!!!"

My balls slapping her cum drenched pussi while she screamed was more than I could stand, and my cum exploded in her ass. I collapsed on top of her...exhausted...spent.

She slowly rolled me onto my side and as my cock slid out of her lil Babi ass, she reached back to put it between her lil butt cheeks and pressed tight against me, my cum oozing out of her lil ass all over my dick.

She rolled me onto my back slid and down to lick all the cum off my dick...then back to my face...lips barely touching my nose. I exhaled so that I could fill my lungs with a long, deep breath, I could smell it ALL...her lil pussy's cum, her cum...all on my lil Babi Girl's lips.

She lay her head on my chest and whispered, "I DO understand, Daddy...I DO understand."...and we drifted off to sleep.


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