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I'm naked on all fours, my ass in the air and my face to the floor. You walk to me and yank me up to my knees by my hair and place a cumbersome leather collar around my neck then smack my face. You attach a big heavy chain and throw two heavy cuffs at my lap. I put them on as you stack pillows at the end of the bed. You grab my hands and connect the cuffs behind my back. Yanking me to my feet by leash, you lead me to the bed and ask me what I am to you. I respond, "I'm your anal whore sir". You tell me I'm a good whore and roughly push me down on the bed to where I'm standing but my torso is laying on the mound of pillows. You pour lube on my ass and massage and smack my backside. You hold the leash in one hand as you pull tight to arch my back. You slowly slip your cock in and fuck my asshole as I moan and repeat to you I'm your anal whore. Bareback, you fuck my asshole harder and go in as far as you can. Thrusting slowly at first then going faster. I cum and drench my thighs. You stop and walk to the side of the bed so I can clean your cock off with my mouth. I lay there, worshipping your cock. You walk back to my asshole and fuck me again, your grip on my bound arms. Going deeper this time. My pussy is drooling and aching for your cock but you ignore it. You feel my pussy juices on your balls every time you thrust into me. You push your cock all the way in my asshole and wiggle. You cum deep within me. Pulling out and again allowing me to clean your cock and you face fuck me as you hold the leash in your hand again and hold my hair in your fist with the other. You yank me down to me knees infront of you and you spit in my mouth. I lick and suck on your balls and playfully pull on them with my lips. Your cum is seeping out of me as I lick your asshole and I hear you groan. You tell me to hold out my tongue and you cum on my tongue and face.


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