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love for ass

I used to live with my aunt ishita till ithe time i got a job. Ishita was my father's sister and her husband was working in some oil company abroad. I used to stay with her while.uncle.was.away at work. I never had any kind of sexual feeling for aunt eventhough she was a bombshell with a plump body. Her tits were so heavy tgat she had to change her bras every two months. Her booty was big because of all the anal that my uncle did to her.
The only non lady like quality about aunt was that she farted and burped all the time. And thats d only thing i liked about her. Me and girlfriend used to hang out at aunts place whenever we got time and aunt never had an issue with me bringing my girlfrnd home to have sex. She used to tease instead telling that she will inform my mom about my girlfriend. I was used to aunts farts.usualy they had a funny smell which lingered for some time and vanished.
One day i had bought my gf, betsy home. She had gone down to the kitchen to get some water.we just had sex so she was just wearing a shirt and my boxers. Aunt was in the kitchen preparing lunch,she noticed that my gf was wearing my boxers so she asked her.." so whats he wearing,your thong?" both of em laughEd and suddenly Betsy farted. She was embarassed and could not face Ishita. "hope you dont do that while he is eating you or fucking you,coz guys hate it when we fart on thier face" ishita said. No aunt i never fart but this one was a shocker to me.Betsy said and walked away. She came back to our room and went straight into the toilet and i could hear long wet farts escaping out of her fat butt. I went out to the kitchen in my gown i had forgot that i had no underwear i sat at table and was talking to aunt. So whats for lunch aunt,i asked. Fart flavoured chicken and salads kiddo she said. I was confused and asked her again wht d fuck did she mean by that.yeah betsy just ripped one here in the kitchen the food must have absorbed it by now,coz it was so loud strong and stinky. I was amazed and started getting hard hearing aunt talk so freely. I laughed and asked her,was it better than yours aunt? Yeah kid, i dont fart so loudly anymore and mY farts never make a guy have a hard on like you have now. I felt the ground under my feet move away hearing what my aunt just said and i noticed that my dick was up staight and was out of the gown. Its fine dear,i have seen you naked a lot of times and dont be so loud to tell betsy what to do in bed while you fuck her she said and smiled. I had to act normal,so i laughed and said okay,but am i doing it correctly,i hope she will love it. Yeah kid,with a sack like that,betsy must love it but its too early for you to have her anally. So where do i try that part aunt? I asked. You know where to go kid,i dont live far away from you she said and grabbed my dick. Good meat, dont you wash it or dors betsy like it that way. I stood like a rock and vould not say a word her grip was tight On my dick and she was so close to me that her hard nipples touched my body. My hands moved on to her big butt and i realised she did not wear any panties. I started playing with her ass as she pressed my balls.i pulled her cheeks apart and she farted. Oops kid that was not part of the plan she said and moved away. The smell was realy bad and i felt my dick going down. I adjusted my gown as my aunt stood in shame.betsy Came to the kitchen suddenly and the smel was still lingering around. Oh dear lord,who the hell did that,i feel sorry for the toilet which takes those farts. I was feeling happy and hard again to hear two wonderful women talk dirty like that. Ishita,that was yours am i right Asked betsy and laughed loudly. This guy is so blessed,a farting gf and a farting aunt in the same house i hope we can make use of it someday she said kissed me and left. I went bak to ishita who was in the bedroom and grabbed her from behind my cock pressed tightly on to her big butt crack and hands on her tits. Wait kid i have to use the toilet i am a bit gassy today she said. I l.let u use it later i said,bend her over lifted up her dress and put my dick on her asshole. Without any thoughts i pushed it in and ishita screamed and farted at the same time. You fucking bastard, warn me before you do that. Okay aunt m pulling out i said and oulled my dick rightbout which put her in more pain. You asshole,before she could talk i put my dick in again and started fucking her. Her farts came out every time i went in.i covered my nose and kept i going hard. Ishita was gaging from all that smell. I pulled out my dick and put it in her mouth. I came in her mouth but not so much because bEtsy had drained me an hour before. Now you can go to the toilet i said. What for,wash your fart infested dick or shall i do it for you she said and walked away to the toilet.
We used to fuck regularly. My gf and aunt liked each others farts so much that they used to have fun like 2 fart loving lesbians. I fucked both of separately listening to both of thier stories about each other. Ishita went with her husband last year. Both me and my gf were sad when she left. Nice woman,even my mom used to like her a lot said betsy.i have seen her mom and knew how ishita made that woman like her. Yeah dear,i know. Your mom had lunch with aunt, right?? I said and laughed. You asshole said my girlfriend and chased me....


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