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Love to role play this with a special someone


One day while John and his Asian girlfriend Leann were home watching television, they heard a loud crash of the sliding glass door on the patio followed by a tall intruder running into the living room. He was waving a gun at them and ordered them to not move.

“Sit right there, you two, and don’t move.”

Seeing he had a gun pointed at them, they had no choice but to comply with his command.

The Intruder turned off the television, and then said to them, “let’s have some fun”.

John and Leann both looked at each other not knowing what he meant. They soon, however, found out what was to happen.

While holding the gun on them, the intruder pulled up a chair close to where they were sitting on the couch and pulled out a roll of shiny gray duct tape.

“Stand up and take off your clothes”, he barked at them.

Fearing for their safety, they took off their clothes.

“Man, you are one lucky guy to have such a pretty Asian Girlfriend who has such small tits and pussy and a cute butt”, he said as he eyed John and Leann.

“Bet she gets you all wet and horny”, he laughed.

“Lady, sit down on the chair and put your hands behind the back of the chair”.

“Sir, take the duct tape and tape her hands together and then her legs to each of the chair legs”.

Once John had finished doing what the burglar ordered, John said to him, “there, I did what you asked, now just go and leave us alone.”

“I’m not done with you two yet”, he laughed. “See, we are going to make a movie and you two are going to be the stars”.

With that, he pulled out a small movie camera he had in his pocket.

“I will be the director, and you two will be my stars.”

“Sir, get down on your knees in front of her and suck her clit.”

As John did as ordered and began to suck her clit, the intruder turned on the camera and began to record their actions as John sucked her clit and she began to moan from the stimulation. Once he had enough on film, he told John to stop.

“Now, take her panties, place them in her mouth and tape her mouth shut. Then tape her eyes shut”.

Once John had gagged her with her panties and taped her mouth and eyes, the intruder said to John,

“Suck her clit again”.

He then turned the camera back on and recorded them as John sucked her now hard clit again and again while she made muffled moans through her gagged and taped mouth and shook her head with her taped eyes. Tears were starting to seep down from under her taped eyes and roll down her cheeks from the nonstop sucking of her clit.

After a couple of minutes, he said to John “stop.” The intruder then turned off the camera.

Noticing that John’s penis had become hard and erect, the intruder said, “take the tape off her eyes and mouth, take out the panty from her mouth and cut the tape holding her arms and legs”.

As John finished doing what the burglar ordered, Leann and John were told to move into the bedroom.

Once they both were in the bedroom, the intruder said, “Lady, lie down on the bed and spread your arms and legs out. You sir, tie her arms and legs to the bed”, as he gave John some rope he had with him.

“Now, tape her mouth and eyes shut.”

Once Leann was tied spread-eagle, gagged and blindfolded, the intruder said,” Lie down on top of her, place your penis into her pussy and spread your arms and legs.”

John did as he ordered. “Don’t move”, he told John.

The intruder then tied John’s hands and legs to Leann’s, and then taped his mouth and eyes.

“Action”, he yelled as he turned on the camera and watched as they had POV sex.

After filming them for several minutes while they both were moaning through their gags and struggling against their bonds they heard the intruder turn off the camera.

“Don’t call the cops”, because if you do these videos will be released all over the internet”, he said to them right before he closed the bedroom door.


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