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Lover to Stepbrother 2

Matt and Lacy stayed up all night talking, falling asleep under the stars on his outside couch at his beach condo. At 9am they woke up to the sounds of sex. Julie and Malik couldn't get enough of eachother! They went in, made breakfast noisily to annoy the lovers, but it didn't work, they fucked and fucked some more. When they finally emerged from Malik's room an hour later, they bum rushed the food matt made! Starving!!! Julie left after breakfast. She had errands to run so she'd be ready for class tomorrow. Malik asked her out to dinner that night, just the two of them. He feels bad they slept together on their first night meeting eachother. His mom raised him better than that, but he couldn't deny their connection.

Lacy left too, but only to go get her swimsuit and her dog, Jack. He's a beautiful two year old golden retriever. He loves the beach! 30 mins later they were back at the condo. Matt loved Jack right away! Lacy is relieved matt is a dog person. Matt rubbed sunscreen on lacys shoulders, back, she returned the favor. All this time together and still no kiss yet. Lacy thought it was sweet, but she was getting impatient! She Loves to kiss! She could just kiss for hours! After a few hours of swimming, volleyball, playing fetch w Jack, they got tired, decided to hit the showers and go to dinner that night.

Matt chose a popular downtown restaurant called Stargazer's. He is part owner, his childhood best friend, Alex, his wife, Rachel are the other owners. Alex and Rachel met, fell in love in culinary school. After a few great jobs they pooled their money, asked matt to be a partner, opened Stargazer's two years ago. Alex is the main chef, Rachel's passion is baking! She's a pastry chef. She's competed and came in first in a FoodNetwork baking competition! Adding 10K to their bank account, minus the taxes of course.

Lacy loved the food, ambiance, music. Alex and Rachel always come out of the kitchen to meet as many of their customers as they can. That extra special gesture is another reason ppl keep coming back. Rachel brought out Lacy and Matt's dessert, a decadent warm brownie w icecream and chocolate sauce. It was heavenly!

After dessert, they went back to Matt's to walk on the beach and talk. They saw a bird caught w plastic around its neck, rescued it together. Lacy went on a tirade about littering, recycling and matt picked that moment to kiss her for the first time. He kissed her slow, deliberately, Lacy melted into his arms. Their mouthes, tongues entertwined, their hands began to wander. Matt picked Lacy up, carried her to his bed. He wanted to make love with her. Slowly their clothes were on the floor, candles were lit, soft music played, matt continued kissing Lacy, caressing her ample breasts, sexy back, tummy, rubbing her firm ass. Lacy whispered, spank me, he did and she moaned in pleasure. His fingers explored her velvety folds, expertly almost making her cum, but stopping at the brink of orgasm! He needed to taste her sweet nectar! Laying her down, matt spread lacys legs, knelt down, sniffed her scent, lightly licking her bare pussy! His hands massaging her soft inner thighs, her moans getting louder, she was close to cumming! Matt flicked his tongue furiously! Lacy couldn't contain herself she screamed, I'm ccccummming! Matt sucked on her clit like he was a nursing baby on her breast! Arching her back, grabbing the sheets, she let loose, Lacy felt like she was peeing, but she'd never had a g-spot orgasm before, that's what it was! After lacy recovered a few minutes, matt felt precum dripping from his cock. It was time, he was going to make love to Lacy. Matt kissed Lacy softly, asked if she is sure she wants this? Lacy kisses him hard, said, yes! Give me your cum baby!!! Shoot it deep inside me! Matt rubbed his cockhead against her hot slit, getting it wetter, ready to enter her! Supporting his weight, matt thrust his 7.5 inch cock into his lover! Gently fucking her, their passion growing, Lacy usually likes to be on top, but she likes how matt has taken charge w out being overbearing. Lacy moans, starts shaking, she's cumming!!! Matt feels his balls tighten, he grunts he's cumming, he fucks her harder, exploding his seed into her womb! Matt came so much, its dripping out of Lacy's pussy, down her asscrack! Matt kissed her on the forehead, they went to sleep.

Matt and Lacy have been together for 3 months. Sheryl, her mom is getting married in three weeks. Lacy text Matt a pic of the wedding invitation, asked if the groom was any relation, they've got the same last name, from the same area he grew up in? Matt went white as a ghost, said, I'm on my way over to your apt. When he got there, he told her, yes his dad is marrying her mom! Lacy said, you're lover, but soon you'll be my Stepbrother! Then she fainted!


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