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Lover to Stepbrother

Lacy Hall was raised by a single mom. She lost her dad to dugs, booze. Lacy's mom, Sheryl worked hard to provide for them. Lacy decided in her senior year of high school to join the Coast Guard. They'd pay for college, she loves the water, helping ppl. Sheryl is very proud of lacy, supports her 100%.

When Lacy was gone, sheryl met a man, started seeing him. Things turned serious pretty quickly. They're happy, why wait? When Lacy heard her Mom and Charlie were getting married she was overjoyed for her! After all these years, she deserved to be happy! The wedding would be an intimate affair. Only special ppl to the bride and groom were invited.

Lacy and her best friend, Julie went out to a popular bar on Saturday night. A lil over an hour of being there, a group of guys came in. Lacy and Julie are great dancers, they put on a show on the dance floor. Julie called dibs on the tall, Shemar Moore lookalike, Lacy wanted the one who opened doors for ppl, was respectful towards the busy staff. He's 6'2, chestnut brown hair, striking blue eyes, bright smile.

Dancing got their attention, now it was up to the guys to buy them a drink, ask them to dance. Of course their plan worked, they sent over two beers, the girls then went over to thank them, sat down to talk. Julie and Malik went to dance, giving Lacy and Matt time to get to know eachother better. Matt is impressed lacy is in the coast guard. He's a lawyer. He's an ADA. He's always been a great debater, arguer. He loves putting criminals behind bars.

Matt couldn't compete w her fast dance moves, but he can handle a slow dance. He paid the DJ to play a good slow song. He passed her test, hands stayed on her hips, no copping a feel. They exchanged numbers, set up a date for Sunday brunch. Matt and Malik are roommates. They bought a condo steps away from the beach. Malik is a personal trainer. Julie and Malik couldn't contain their passion, went back to his place for a night of hot sex! Matt and Lacy decided to walk around downtown.

Julie couldn't wait to suck Malik's big black cock! She's always been attracted to black guys. She wants to have mixed kids, get impregnated by a black bull cock! She's a lady, needs to be married first, for now, birth control. Malik kissed Julie passionately, leaving her breathless, panting for more! He wants to fuck all her holes before she leaves his bed! Sucking black dick is hot for Julie, she has no gag reflex! That was hole number one! Not wanting to blow in her mouth, Malik pulled his thick 8 inch cock from her mouth, laid Julie down, spanked her puffy, hairless pussy w his monster dick! Oh! Fuck me she yelled! Spitting on his cock, Malik pushed his rock hard dick deep in her wanton cunt!!! Julie loves dirty talk! It's so naughty, nasty! Julie is a kindergarten teacher. She loves her kids like they're hers. Malik's Mom is a teacher, now a principal at an elementary school. His mom, Claire is going to love Julie! Malik was brought back to reality by Julie cumming on his cock! She squirted for the first time ever! He was close to cumming himself, he asked Julie if he could fuck her ass? She said yes, just use lots of lube, my ass is virgin. Malik is a typical black man, he loves ass! Kissing, licking, spanking, fucking! He put on a condom, lubed up, but could only get a few inches inside her before she told him to stop. He's just too big. Malik understands, takes off the condom, puts his cock back in her tight pussy, a minute later he shot rope after rope of hot cum in her pussy! Sweaty, sex smelling they showered, went to sleep.

To be continued.


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