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Loving Hands 2

Colton saw Mary outside taking in the laundry from the line, walked up, cleared his throat, said something that surprised them both, I'm sorry mama, hugged her tightly. Mary could feel the hot tears streaming down his face. Mary comforted him the way she did all her kids, soft touch, kind words.

A few weeks later Joe saw a young woman they'd fostered two years ago at the grocery store. She looked frazzled, and she had an attitude with ppl. The store manager wouldn't take her expired coupons. Seeing joe made her stand straighter, get quiet. Kelly Markham was 16 when she was placed w them. She was a handful! A month or two after her arrival her mom got custody back. They moved a county away, Joe and Mary often wondered how she is, if she's happy? Joe unloaded his cart, paid for Kelly's groceries and his. At his truck Kelly melted in Joe's arms, crying, apologizing, thanking him for the $100 of groceries he'd just bought for her. Kelly had to hurry home or her stepdad would be mad. He's a mean drunk, Kelly hates him. Joe followed her home, offered to take her to his house for a good home cooked meal. He knew he had to get her out of her moms place!

On the way Kelly told Joe that her mom didn't stick around, left her with Clyde. If she ran away once more, he'd call juvenile detention, then Kelly turned 18, if he kicked her out she'd be homeless. So, she put up w his verbal, mental abuse.

After lunch was cleaned up, Joe and Mary asked Kelly to watch the kids while they ran an errand. Mary was there to pack up Kelly's belongings, Joe brought his shotgun, Ol' Bessie in case Clyde gave them trouble. He was passed out drunk at 1:30pm! Mary and Joe are glad to have Kelly back in their lives. When they got back to the farm, Mary told Kelly she is home and can stay as long as she likes! Bursting into tears of joy, they hugged eachother tightly. Joe said, welcome home.

Kelly loved Joe, Mary, her new family and home very much. Mary showed her how to cook, bake, sew and joe showed her how to garden, care for the animals. Kelly graduated in the top 3 of her class. She wanted to attend college, but she'd never have the money. Colton is her confidant, they tell eachother everything. Colton knows it's breaking a confidence, but it's for a good reason. After evening chores were done Colton found Joe in the horse barn, brushing his favorite mare, Sunshine. Joe knew something is eating at him, but he waited for Colton to come to him about it.

They talked about the horses different personalities, school, sports, then Colton brought up how expensive college is, that's when he told joe about Kelly's grades, possible scholarships she could qualify for. Colton said, Dad, will you help Kelly pay for college? She'd never ask you herself, she really wants to be a veterinarian. Joe welled up with pride for Colton. He is such a good young man! Joe smiled, said of course they would! Colton knows that joe meant him too when the time comes. He has another year of high school to go. He already knows what he wants to study in college, auto mechanics. He wants to learn how to detail, paint them too!

The next day, Joe and Mary sat Kelly down, asked if she wanted to tell them anything? She broke down crying, said she broke the lamp, it wasn't Goldie, the dog like she said! She was frustrated and carelessly threw a pillow, breaking the lamp. They asked why she is frustrated? Bc all my friends are going to college and I can't go, it's too expensive! Mary hushed her, joe told her not to worry about the money, they'd pay the difference of scholarship monies. Kelly couldn't believe it! She hugged, kissed them both! When the excitement had waned a bit, Joe asked Kelly to help him in the barn. She lowered her head, said, I was hoping you'd be so happy about me going to college, you'd forget I lied to you. Nice try, but no, sorry, let's get it over with ok? Kelly's guilt was too much to handle, she told joe she'd stolen some of the egg money for college. He was very disappointed in her! Joe told her bc of the second offense of stealing, he spanking will be on the bare bottom. He pulled down her jean shorts, panties, brought her across his lap, rubbed her round ass, spanked Kelly as hard as he could 10 times! She was sobbing hysterically, embarrassed, ashamed of herself, joe stood her up, took off his belt, gave her one big whack to show her he is serious, to never steal again! Joe comforted Kelly, rubbed her bottom w cooling gel, blew on it to help it work after. With his face so close to Kelly's naked bottom half, his cock began to grow! He knew it was wrong, but oh! How he wanted to lick, kiss, fuck her tender young ass! Kelly's pussy was tingly, did she enjoy being spanked?


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