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Loving Hands 3

Kelly hasn't experienced this feeling before. In the barn, where Kelly and Colton always hung out, she asked if getting spanked ever turned him on? Colton blushed, said yeah sometimes. Kelly told him about her spanking today, that she touched herself afterwards, she was wet. Then she pulled down her shorts, showed him she's still wet! Wow! So, dad turns you on? Idk if it's him or the spanking. They decided in the next few weeks they'd test it out!

After Kelly's butt was back to normal, she picked a fight w Colton in front of Joe, cussing wasn't allowed bc of the twins, Noah and Melody. When Joe heard that ugly word come flying out of Kelly's mouth, his jaw dropped! All he said was barn! Kelly had to be punished, Joe had no idea it was said on purpose. 12 good hard spanks over her shorts, then Joe left Kelly to think on her wrongdoing. 20 minutes after he walked by the barn to get to the well, the garden needs watering. He heard the telltale noises of an orgasm building and exploding!!! Surprised, joe thought, Mary likes to be spanked, maybe Kelly does too!

Joe and Mary don't keep secrets, so he told his wife about Kelly in the barn. Mary said, ah! Now I understand why we had a quickie the other day! Kelly's 18yr old pussy turns you on! Joe replied, yes, but I've seen you looking at Coltons bare chest and bite your bottom lip! They're both guilty of looking.


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