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Loving Hands

Joe and Mary Mayberry have been foster parents to a lot of children over the years, as well as had 3kids of their own. When one of them needed a loving hand, Joe took them to the barn, spanked them. Joe was in the Marines, he can be tough as nails if need be. Mary is the love of his life! He never tolerates the kids disrespecting her! Colton was a rowdy boy! He always pushes Mary's buttons too far! On Monday he was late and didn't call, Wednesday he called her old, Friday he yelled at her in front of another adult. Mary spoke to joe that night in bed, idk if he should stay here joe. He's very rude, wild. Oh honey, that's how they all are at first, it'll be ok. He kissed his wife, Mary loves Joe with all her heart, tonight she'd give him a special treat, anal sex. Joe is an ass man! He loves the shape, feel, taste! Mary took off her nightgown, reached in the bedside table, got the lube, gave it to Joe. His cock was already dripping precum! Joe squirted lube on Mary's pink asshole, then his dick, holding her hips, he took her tight ass! Mary bent over, her ass higher in the air, joe knows Mary likes to be spanked during sex, of course he gave her what she wanted, 10 of his best! Moaning too loud was always a concern so joe soundproofed their bedroom. The kids shouldn't hear them making love. Hands, oh! Joe's loving hands on her body, that alone could almost make Mary cum! Joe was fucking his wife's asshole a little harder, she knew he needed this, Mary pushed backward, grinding her ass deeper onto his hard cock, milking it for his hot cum!!! Joe grabbed her waist, fucked her harder! Mary began to shake, moan, she was cumming! Fuck me joe! Take my ass! Give me your cum! I need it deep inside me!!! Those words made his balls explode rockets of cum in Mary's ass! Oh baby! I love you so much, joe said kissing his wife on her forehead, a tradition after making love. They fell asleep, woke up a little later than normal. Joe lovingly bathed Mary, that was another tradition they both enjoyed immensely.

After breakfast Joe asked Colton to help him in the barn, everyone else knew what that meant but him. When they entered the barn, joe told him to sit down and listen. First of all Colton, Mary and I love you like you're our flesh and blood children. We don't expect you to love us in return overnight, but you will respect us. The way you've treated Mary is unacceptable young man, now bc it's your first offense, I'll spank you w your pants on, next time you'll be bare! After we're done here, all is forgiven if you apologize to Mary. Colton apologized tearfully to joe, joe said, come on son, let's get it over with. He told Colton to bend over the hay bales and he gave him 20 hard spanks! Colton was crying, joe comforted him, gave him privacy to calm down so he could find Mary to make things right.


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