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Lucid Dream

I was right on the edge of sleep when I felt the light press of your lips on the back of my neck. My eyelashes fluttered and I took a deep breath. I thought you'd been asleep for hours, and I kept my eyes closed.

I could still feel the warmth from your lips on the back of my neck, and then you parted them. I could feel your breath and the wetness of your mouth. I instinctively moved my hips to touch you, but I couldn't reach your body before your loving arms engulfed me.

I couldn't help but cry out when you held me. I felt so warm and so safe, and your mouth continued sending chills through my body. You ran your hand down the curve of my side and squeezed hard on my hip. I whimpered when you dug in your nails.

Your nails left marks on my skin when you dragged them down my stomach and up my thighs. My breath was quickening, but I kept my eyes closed. I felt your hand reach between my legs and your fingers traced my creases.

I shuddered when I gasped, and that's when I heard your soft moan. You moaned in my ear and pinched my hip bone one more time. I rolled over to kiss you. My lips were parted and my eyes were still closed.

Your side of the bed was still warm, and I trust you. I waited for your kiss without ever opening my eyes.


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