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Making Myself a MONSTER

My first real time real life blog story. I survive on your comments XXX!
This is today's first entry feb 18 2018 about what I'm doing to myself. I want to transform myself.
If you guys keep interested, I can blog as I change and grow. XXX ;-)

Hi guys!
So if you’ve checked out my galleries you can see that my cock is not small or even average in length or girth. I’ve never thought of enlarging and although I’ve used cock rings for stamina I’ve never ever done anything to enlarge.

About 6 months ago, I just had an impulsive thought: Why don’t I try to make my penis bigger. My thinking is that I want to absolutely push beyond the limits of natural length and expand way larger, thicker than any human partner would ever need and above what they’ve imagined possible. I’m focussed, driven and obsessed by this quest. I thought of it and so many people have told me that it’s pointless for my partners because of my already huge size. They couldn’t get any more pleasure anyway. But I don’t care …. no, this isn’t for any useful purpose, it’s my challenge to grow my genitals larger, bigger, thicker, longer and to keep pushing.

Firstly, I wanted to get biology on my side. I went to this «anti-aging» clinic in the US and the doctor prescribed me these meds in cycles, with injections etc … Human growth hormone, Very large doses in cycles of testosterone and a bunch of vitamins. In addition, regular doses of cialis to maximize even resting state blood flow through my organ and maximize size of erections. He prescribed 1-2x/week an injection into my penis of TriMix - an erection drug … to expand all my cock tissues and compartments along with my glans (head to the incredible maximum). This doctor made all legit … but I told him straight up that I want to enlarge my penis in length, girth, shaft, head, all past any sense of «normal». He actually is taking an interest (partly personnal, I think the whole thing excites him. I think he’s attracted to men … penises anyway. I think he want’s to see this happen … he was professionnal and warned me even in writing and made me sign waivers. He measured me every which way and will see me in 9 months. I’m on a mission and driven.

In addition to the meds, I stretch, squeeze, stroke, jerk, using three separate enlargement exercise programs and do it regularly with discipline. I think it’s partly the hormones but I’m more agressive and super super horny almost all the time. Because of my size, I can’t hide an erection so I have to take a break and ejaculate about every 2 hours during the day time. I’ve noticed too that my semen production is abundant and my ejaculation contractions very powerful … often making at least a few of my daily ejaculation breaks quite messy (wall, ceiling etc … I try to use the same stall.)

I’ve definately noticed that I’m bigger. Flaccid size (even when I use ice water to make it as small as possible is growing. Length cold soft was the first change … longer. Now totally cold soft girth is also noticibly growing. At normal temperature, for sure, it’s growing.
It feels like a second puberty …. Erections reach incredible proportions … but I want to enlarge more.
I love the feel of growing. I love noticing my genitals more bulging every day.

My penis, longer, creeping more and more down my leg.
My athletic boxers have a clear stretch in the left leg from my shaft regular, constantly all day and soft - stretching the material.
My comfy jeans already had a worn out whitish bulge spot from my dick…. but I’ve noticed its getting larger and showing wear moving down the inside of the left jean leg.
When I’m alone (for fun) or with sex partners …. I amuse myself intentionally breaking condom after condom just as a display of my size.
I love the feeling and am sharing it with you. If I concentrate I can feel it I swear …. my genitals are enlarging every moment.

Today, I’ve ordered some cock rings for growth. Some metal and flexible. I was shocked and impressed when I measured myself to fit them! I hope they make me even larger. I read they can expand girth. I want to be thicker. I want to be so enormous in every way …. then I want to grow MORE!

This is my first story. Please please read up and it would be so hot if you guys followed my progress. Please send me your private comments …. they make me cum I adore them so much!

Check out my galleries («before» gallery!). That’s my before cock!

There are so many things I could talk about going through this … GOD …. why don’t you guys send me a private message requesting me to cover or describe anything you want to know.

XXX ;-)


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