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Man with a fan

I had a fairly good diet since i started taking my workout seriously. The protien diet had started giving me gas like never before. Although i farted like any other indian guy the new diet added up to the quantity of my farts. The farts were loud and had the power to blow curtains. My wife hated it when i farted during sex or while she gave me rimjobs. She also follow the same diet like me but somehow she managed to keep her farts under control and farted only in the toilet while she used to poop.
Never in our life she had farted in front of me even by mistake but her mom who stayed with us was d exact opposite of her. Rakhi was a 50 yr old woman who had a hairy indian ass with a black hole.she divorced her husband at a young age and led a normal life. She had no other demands other than the bananas which she used to buy for herself and never shared with anyone else in the house. Constipation was the reason given by her for having so many bananas in her room personally. But in the past 7 years she has been staying with us i have never heard her complain about having difficulty to poop and she,like her daughter used to fart in the toilet. She needed her privacy after 11 o clock in the night and nobody was allowed to go near the toilet while she was in it.
One fine day after i came back from the gym i was enjoying my protien shake, i saw rakhi jolting to the toilet. My wife had gone out with her friends which made me a bit horny to hear what my mother in law did in the toilet. I silently went to rakhis room and stood near the toilet. I saw the pyjamas she was wearing on the bed along with her panty. I heard a long rumbling fart from the toilet followed by a moan. " did u like that, you ll love the next one" she said from inside the toilet and farted again. I could her her poop splash inside the pot." oh that was even better wasnt it" she said again. I thought she was talking to me. " i think thats it for now" she said and i heard her get up. I moved out of the room still wondering what happened. I saw rakhi talking on the phone,half naked. " she has gone out and wont be back now, she gets her farts from her gassy husband, i wish you farted like that aneesha" she spoke on the phone. " doesnt matter if you are skinny,look at Mona how skinny is she, she can still fart louder than me. Its becaise you dont try. Are you done pooping,send me pic of the mess you made and i will send you mine" she said and hung up the phone. Unaware of the fact that i was in the house she came out half naked and saw me standing in front of her. I did not hear you flush,i said. She was embarrased and tried to cover herself up. Wait outside and i will explain it to you she said and closed the door. She came out fully nude and asked me" were u asking me something kid?" I hope u r not embarrased to see your mother in law have some fun, and yeah i have a fart fetish and i am your number one fan. Gulp that fart drink of yours and get in the bed i will show you how to use a man who farts. I obeyed her and went into her room. She locked me up and sucked me till i shot a huge load into her mouth. She tirned me around and started sucking my anu* till i let out a huge fart. She swallowed d fart mixed jizz and smiled and said. " dont try this with your wife she hates u when u fart and thankyou for farting in my mouth." now get out and enjoy what u just experienced and i hope you dont have issues keeping this a secret. I just noded and left the house. I came back in the evening and saw my wife with Rakhi having tea. All well son, asked rakhi. Yeah thngs are fine i said and walked away still wondering what the hell happened. Ever since that i have been used by rakhi to do the same to aneesha and mona. Aneesha loves my silent stinkers while mona loves whatever comes out of my ass. And yeah the bananas are fed by rakhi to mona usung her bigg indian butt while aneesha the slave of the group eats farts of her mistresses


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