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Man with a fan pt 2

After i started having sex with rakhi my life took an amaxing turn. I never knew indian women farted so much. My wife never farted while i was near her. None of my cousins did it eventhough they never had any issues with me farting. The first woman that gave me a real time experience of a woman's fart was my mother in law rakhi. Her middle aged hairy butt was perfect and similar to a latino bum. Her friend aneesha was a working woman. She was a thin woman with normal boobs and minimal butt cheeks. She loved being dominated by rakhi. They had fart fetishes since thier school days but could never enjoy it. Aneesha could fart but was never able to make a loud fart like rakhi could. She loved it when i used to fart in front of her or in her face while we had sex. She pooped more than me at any given time. Aneesha used to use the toilet and ask rakhi to flush it for her. Both the ladies were enjoying life and i was even more happy coz i finally found a woman who loved my only talent. Aneesha used to ask for my farts based on my diet. She never sniffed farts if i had milk or any diary product. She felt that my farta might smell lk hers if i do so. She only had a##l sex and never allowd me to fart after i filled her mouth. Do that to rakhi, i dont tke farts and jizss she still says.





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