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Man with a fan pt 3

I had started enjoying the fantasies rakhi and her friends. I have never seen or heard of women loving farts. Rakhi was so active during our fart sessions that she never let me fart anywhere else other than her mouth. She used tell " i am so sad that i cannot hear you fart in the morning. Thats the time where men really fart". I was feeling gross but somehow i wanted to do it too. One day while having se* with my wife i farted.renne,my wife, screamed and jumped out of the bed saying " please dont do that, my mother had given me enough of farts already to eat and breath. You dont". It came as a shock to me why renne acted so wierd. Anyway i got the best bj that night and even a superb rimjob in which my wife sucked out a huge fart."ohh thats too much spice in the chicken" she said while tasting my fart. The next day while in bed i asked her why she hates farting so much. I dont mind you farting, and even i fart a lot but sometimes i hate it when i hear people fart. Your mother in law should be blamed for that she said. But you never said a word yesterday when i did it in your mouth i asked. Oh that was just to calm you down. I puked thrice after that she said and laughed. Anyway i ll control my fart ass from now onwards and went to the loo. As always the protien diet and all the meat had built up a gas reservoir inside me. The moment i sat on the toilet i started farting. " yeah, i hear you trying to control your ass said renne from outside. I can pull you in here and do the same you biatch i shouted from the toilet while another fart blasted into the pot. Yeah yo might do that, let me prepare breakfart i mean breakfast she said and left. I could hear her scream " good lord maa, why cant you giys use the bloody toilet to do this thing. You have stunk this room and please put thr banana peel in the bin. I was getting hard thinking of rakhi. My hand moved on to my cokk. Renne knocked on d bathroom door after 20 mins while i was cleaning up the cum blast. You are married for god sake stop doing that now she said. Oh that was in your memory this time ren i said and we both laughed. Get the hell out of this room now i am going to poop and please dont go inside moms room. She has not digested her dinner well i guess. Yupp you go in. I l go get some tea and wait in the lawn i said and went straight into rakhis room.


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