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Man with a Fan pt4

Rakhi was using me more and more to fulfil her fart fetish and her wierd fantasies. Her huge ass produced more gas than anyone i knew. She wanted me to workout more and pump in more protiens into my system so that she could make me fart while she was with me.
She started to wait for oppurtunities to have s** with me and wanted me to fart for her friends too. One day when i returned home after dropping my wife at her office,i saw rakhi sitting in the hall watching TV. She was wearing a tight thigh leght dress exposing her huge clevage. I could see her cumt btwn her legs. She said" i have given your wife the same thing, so dont stare at my pusssy". " its not this black and loose anyway i said. I heard a loud laughter from behind.i turned around in shock and saw a lady standing near me.oh,i forgot to tell you, this is aditi,she is a friend of mine said rakhi, my mothr in law.
Aditi was in her late 40's.she had a fairly large butt and booobs. A fairly good looking woman who could be any guys fantasy.i said hi and she replied. Is this your son in law she askef rakhi. Yeah, he is the one with the gas said rakhi. Hmm, he looks normal to me,i hope he farts like you said said aditi. I can fart in more ways than u can imagine ma'am i said. The next thing i remember is aditi kissing me and grabbing my balls. She squeezed my balls so hard amd umdressed. She had a huge butt and moderate sized booobs. She kept my hand on her ass and kept kissing me. Sje undressed me with ease and started feeling my buttholr. Mmm thats tight rakhi lubrivate it now she said. I still wonder why rakhi startec it immedeatly. Rakhi liked my fart nox till i came in aditos mouth.ohh thats stale you nast mofo, she said with a cum filled mouth.she kissed rakhi with tge same mouth and started sucking my cuck again


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