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Marthas Gas

I was sipping my coffee but i was still in shock thinking about the scene i just saw. Martha my girlfriend's granma,is a typical 63 year old woman. Loving caring and like every granma she had huge bosoms and butt cheeks. I was walking down the hall to get some coffee when i heard a huge moaning sound from marthas room. I had to look into the room to know whether if somethin was wrong. But the view i got was completely surprising. I saw martha bend over with one hand cupping her butt.she farted and sniffed her own fart. I could not move a muscle after seeing what the woman just did. She turned around suddenly and saw me standing at her door with a fairly hard cock. Had to get that bad boy out of me. It was trapped in there for a while silly guy she said. I'll join you for breakfast kid, prepare some eggs and bacon for this old pie she said. I was motionless and the only part moving up was my cock. Wont you let a woman use the toiled kid, you saw nothing and i wont tell my grand daughter about that hard on of yours. Now go get some food on the table said martha and went into the toilet. I could hear her farting even before she closed the toilet doors.
Martha came and sat at table staring at the eggs i just made for her. So whats new in your life kid she asked. I did not knw how to answer that. I said, all well grann.. But.. .But what kiddo, cant a lady fart around. I hear you ripping long 10sec farts have i ever complained about it. I hope you dont do it on my lil angel said martha. For a moment i thought I'm dreaming but i replied "oh please granma,i saw you sniffing your farts. I have no problem with you farting & even you grand daughter does it. But sniffing it? "...Do u want to do that for me. Here try this she said...nothing happened for a while but in second a rotten egg smell hit my nose. Oh granny. That was nasty and no i dont want to do it for you. You can sniff your own gas and more if u wish to. I did not have a fart fetish anyway but the width of her ass had got me..i wanted to fuck martha in her butt and make her fart so i told her "but i l sniff yours on one condition.. She didn't even let me complete and said"Get it my room now..she came in and dropped her robe exposing her big beautiful body. "do u have any left, you just got fresh and i heard you farting in the loo too,i said" you do your job kid, get your nose between those cheeks and wait. I could smell her poop in her ass crack. I was pulling out my dick when she let out a silent long stinker. Eggs give me these kind of farts loving it kid? I had no other option coz i was halfway there already.she let out 5,6 more farts before she let me do her in her butt. She swallowed my whole jizz in one go and even gave me an ass cleaning. Good martha. You must have rocked some tables in your time i said. Yeah kid. Everyone but my husband loved my farts, even your gf loves it. Next time you push out one of your own farts try it on her face, her grann has trained her very well. You'll get the best sex tgat day she said. I was walking out to the hall and heard my gf call out, " what are you making? Coffee or something else and what the fuck is that smell?? I went back into our room and fucked her till she gasped for air,turned her around and farted into her open mouth. You nasty fuck, you were with martha weren't you she asked. What ever you swallowed had just come out of her butt dear i said and sat down more hard on her while she kept eating my farts.


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