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Massage Therapy School (Taboo story for Julie)

I've been a massage therapy instructor for fifteen years and it never ceases so amaze me what a body is capable of overcoming! There are so many injuries and ways for things to go wrong it is simply mind-boggling. For instance, a client I had years ago was just enjoying a routine massage and then started crying uncontrollably because a pain point in their shoulder triggered a flashback to when they were five and fell out of a tree! Their body had held that pain and wrapped it in layers upon layers of tension and stress. Once I calmed her down, talked about what happened and made a treatment plan, we fixed her chronic headaches that sourced in her shoulder. I still shake my head about that one. It is a privilege and a pleasure to teach young students about the body. It's amazing to teach them how it works, how it reacts to certain stimuli, what to do when things go wrong, and how to just relax.

This year is no different. I have an excellent crop of young people and a couple older folks in the class. It's early in the year, but so far I've taught them how to talk to their patients, and how to properly drape the sheets over their client's bodies so that nothing improper happens or is visible. One can never over emphasize the importance of the privacy of the client! It's how we make our living after all. If we breach trust, our livelihood is in jeopardy.

My classroom is a long, low lit rectangle with wall mirrors on the length of one wall so the students can inspect their body posture as they work on each other. I feel great pride when I see a student look into that mirror, see they are doing something amiss, and adjust to the proper position. I taught them that! It's a miracle that I can plant seeds in their minds that can grow into careers.

As the students are beginning to file in for class, one young woman named Julie hurries up to me. "Mr. Arn? May I ask you a question?" she asks with an eager bob of her pigtails.

"Certainly, Julie!. What's on your mind?" I ask her with a somewhat amused look on my face. Some young people are so eager to learn! I love that about youth...So much vigor and zest for life!

"I know we are going to practice working on the head and neck today," she said while nervously chewing on her lip. "I'm a little nervous about touching other people's necks...could you please help me when we get to that part?"

I admire her courage for speaking up about her qualms! Not many people would be brave enough to ask that kind of question. "Absolutely, Julie! I am very glad you asked, in fact...Class! May I have your attention please?" Most of the students are in the class room now, and so as they put their books on the floor along the wall, they all turn to me with expectant faces. I put my arm around Julie's shoulder and give her a little squeeze. "Julie just asked me a very brave question. She said she isn't completely comfortable touching someone else's neck, so she asked for help. I'm very proud of her for asking, and I hope you all feel free to ask me questions like that too. I am here to help you get through this as the strongest and best therapists you can be!" I notice that Julie is shyly twisting her knees together, looking at the floor and blushing. "Oh come on now, Julie." I say quietly as the student turn back to their things. "I wasn't trying to embarrass you, it was a teachable moment! Thank you for providing it to the class, I appreciate it."

She looks up at me with big, round eyes that have an oddly mesmerizing depth to them that I hadn't noticed before. "You're welcome Mr. Arn. Thanks for understanding!"

"Please, Julie. Just Arn. No mister is necessary." I give her my best disarming smile and shoo her away to her assigned table where her partner, a twenty something red haired woman named Rachel is getting her sheets set up on the table. I have my table set up at the front of the room as a demonstration station, so once the students finish setting up they gather around it to begin the lesson. "Ok folks. Like Julie was saying, we are going to be working on the head and neck today. I need a volunteer to work on. Anyone having a headache today?" Julie raises her hand timidly. "Well, I suppose that's appropriate." I say with a serious tone. "She isn't comfortable with neck touch, so it might be best if I work with her today anyway. Remember class, when you are experiencing something uncomfortable, you need to communicate with your client or therapist about it. Don't just suffer though it. That can lead to some significant hurt, and that is expressly what we are trying to avoid. Ok Julie, please lie down on the table face up." I ask calmly. She dutifully lays down and I ask her to take out her pigtails so that I can access her scalp more easily. I grab my stool from my desk and position it behind her head, and as she nestles into the table, I start rubbing her shoulders gently. "Did you know that your shoulders have a bowling ball set on top of them twenty four seven?" I ask the class. "All of that weight sits right here on the neck and shoulders. We need to help these muscles relax if we are going to do any good." I see heads nod in agreement. I show them all the different muscles that connect the shoulder to the base of the skull, massaging each one in turn. It wasn't until I was about half way through the lecture that I noticed she was breathing a little heavily. It was pretty hard not to notice actually and I'm surprised I didn't notice earlier. Her breasts were rising and falling at a fairly rapid rate! Her shirt is cut in a way that I have to consciously not look at her cleavage, but it's nearly impossible! I slow my hands to rest on her shoulders and lean down by her ear and whisper in a concerned tone, "Julie are you ok?"

She nods her head furiously, "Mmmhmm. yes sir. I trust you."

"Thank you, Julie," I whisper. "Ok guys. This is another good example of communication during a massage. I was busy talking to you, so I didn't notice until long after I should have. She was getting a little agitated, and I should have seen that starting and slowed down." Once again, nods all around. I look back at Julie and her knees are rubbing together again. "Ok class," I say with a louder voice. "Time to practice what I showed you. Rachel, would you please work with Tyrone and Nancy?" Rachel nods and migrates over to their workstation. I turn back to Julie, who is still breathing hard. Concerned, I sit down and lean close to her ear again. "Julie, I'm serious. Are you ok? Your body is showing signs of distress, and I'm concerned for you."

"Yes, I'm fine Mr. Arn. Honest. It's just one has ever touched my neck like that. It was a new experience for me." she said in a hushed voice.

"Like that? What do you mean?" I ask somewhat puzzled.

"You have a very strong touch, it just feels confident." she said with a smile. "I'm glad you're my teacher."

"And I'm glad you're my student, Julie." I say as I pat her shoulder with my left hand. "What says we work on your scalp a little and give the neck a break ok?" I weave my fingers into her hair and start rubbing her scalp in slow circles. I start at the hairline on her forehead and work my way slowly around the temples and around the ears. I turn my hands palm up and cup the base of her skull in my curled fingertips. I feel her body give in and she sighs slowly as her head melts into my hands. "Theeeeere you go." I say with a satisfied smile. "That's the relaxation we're looking for."

"Mmmhmm." she moans softly. I notice her breasts again and my member begins to pulse. I smash that thought down before it gets any traction. She's my student for God's sake...I can't be thinking about her that way! Nevertheless, the more I rub my fingers under the base of her skull, the more her head snuggles into my hands, the more her breasts rise and fall. Her nipples are noticeably hard now. If I wasn't sitting down right now, the entire class would see that I have a raging hard on. "Ok, enough of that." I scold myself. "Fifteen years of hard work, right out the window. Remember that."

"Mr. Arn?" she cracks one eye open as she asks, "Can I work on your neck for a while, just to see how it feels?"

"That's a great idea, Julie." I say with a hint of trepidation because of the current state of my dick. "Hurry up and go down!" I think to my cock furiously. "Ok class, time to switch!" I say loudly. In the commotion of the students trading places I am able to get on my table and put a bundled up sheet over my legs. "It's a little chilly in here, sorry." I lie. "I'm surprised you can wear a skirt actually." I say with a raised eyebrow. Don't you get cold in here?"

"Warm hands and warm sheets, Mr. Arn." she says with a wink. "That's all I need, honestly"

"Is that so?" I ask with a chuckle.

"Yup!" she nods confidently.

As I lay there with my mind running in circles about how ridiculously charismatic this girl is and the consequences of thinking this way about a student, she starts working on my shoulders. " Oh my god...this girl is really good!" I think to myself. I can feel all the tension melt away from my neck like suntan oil onto hot skin. The only problem is that it doesn't leave my body. It rushes back down to my head and, under the sheet, I grow to full erection again. It is binding in my shorts so I quietly ask her pardon and adjust my meat. She leans down next to my ear, and as she whispers I can feel her breasts rub on the top of my head, "No worries, Mr. Arn. Am I doing a good job?"

"You are doing a phenomenal job, Julie. Keep up the good work!" I catch a scent of her breath and it's intoxicating. It smells like sex, passion and, and...good grief my brains are scrambled right now! What is this woman doing to me?! I gently sit up and nod to her appreciatively. I can't let this go too far. "Ok class, I think that's all for today. Everyone likes to be done a little early right?" A series of cheers ring out as the students gather up their gear and head for the door. As is my custom, I stand by the door and give each student a brief hug and thank each one for sharing their time with me and for being willing to learn. The last student to the door is Julie. "How am I not surprised?" I think with a chuckle. As I embrace her and thank her for spending her time with me and for wanting to learn, she looks up at me with those twin pools of midnight seduction she calls eyes...

"Mr. Arn? Can I ask you a huge favor?" she asks with that same sheepish smile.

"Sure, shoot." I say as I let her go. She shuts the door and turns to me.

"I have a little problem with my leg." she says looking down at the floor and then back up to me hopefully. "I got into an accident a while ago, and it hasn't quite been the same since. I was wondering if you could work on it a little bit to show me how I can massage it to make it feel better..."

"That's no problem at all!" I say enthusiastically. "The legs have some of the largest muscles in the body and are very interesting to manipulate! Ok, for this, you'll need to undress to your level of comfort, at least the bottom half and get under the sheets, face up, ok? I'll go behind that wall and you just say ready when you're ready." She nods and as I walk towards my office wall, I catch a glimpse in the mirror of her removing her shirt. Wow...her breasts are so...perfect! "Keep walking Arn." I tell myself sternly. Soon after that I hear her call that she is ready and I make my way back to the table. "So, where is the problem, Julie?" I ask in the most professional sounding voice I can muster. I hope it didn't sound as shaky as my legs feel right now. I can still see her nipples poking up through the sheets. Those must be so hard! I just want to su...I shake my head once, hard. Focus. I need focus!

"It's on my upper quad and the right leg." she says pointing to a spot not four inches from her groin. "I was in a car accident and my leg got jammed up under the steering wheel. I had a really bad Charlie horse and it's never really been the same since."

"How long ago was this?" I ask cocking my head and looking at the spot where she is pointing trying to visualize the muscles in that area. All I can see in my mind is her mound of juicy, pink warmth...

"It was about four years ago." she said with a grimace. "Not a fun experience. It doesn't bother me too bad now, I just wanted you to take a look and see if you could do anything for it."

"Well I can certainly give it a try." I say with a smile and a crack of my knuckles. I lift her left leg up and tuck the sheet up towards her groin and begin to feel the muscles in her upper thigh. "I need to check this side first to see what the other one should feel like." I say quietly as I begin to rub and palpate the tissue. "It's kind of like establishing a baseline test. Are you familiar with the concept?"

"Yes, that's wise." she says quietly. I look up and her eyes are closed and she is biting her lip. Her breasts are starting to heave again. Could it be that she is enjoying this? No way. No freaking way she is enjoying this. Focus. I explain what I am doing and she just nods and moans her understanding. "Ok, I think I have an idea of what that should look like now, let's switch to the other leg shall we?"

"Thank you Arn," she breaths.

"You're very welcome, Julie." I say as I pull the sheet out from under her left leg to drape it back down. ....There is a small wet patch on the sheet...Focus. Ignore it Arn. I move to the other side and pull the sheet up like I did for the other side and begin to palpate the flesh on the upper thigh of her right leg. She is actually moaning now. Out loud. I dare to flirt my fingers a little closer to her groin and I look up to find her nipples, unbelievably, harder than before. "A lot of the muscles in the hip are connected to the torso you know." I say in a breathless voice. I slide my hand up under the sheet and follow the curve of her waist, up her side and softly rub the base of breast where it meets her side. I make that trip from groin to side a few times and each time her breath is getting heavier. I slide my hand down around her thigh to rub her hamstring and my hands come back wet. She is soaking the table with her juices! I let out a tortured moan and look longingly back at her face. She has raised her head and is staring wide eyed at me with those majestic orbs of sexuality...She whimpers just a little bit, bites her lip and nods twice quickly. My hand slowly slides up over her hips and onto her pelvis. I can feel her short trimmed pubic hair. It is so warm under there! It's like there is a fire under those sheets! My left hand slides back up her body and my fingers begin to tease her nipple and caress her breast.

She lays back and arches her back into my touch and sighs loudly, "Ohhhhhh god. Would you like it if I spread my legs for you Mr. Arn?"

I swallow so loudly that I'm sure she can hear it and manage to croak, "Yes, I would like that....very, very much." Her supple, petite legs open like a rose coming into full bloom as I lift the sheet from her body. It gently caresses her as I sweep it over her body and head. She shivers visibly and I see her staring at my rock hard cock. I stand beside the table and begin to work my hands around her wet slit. I don't think I even really need oil at this point! I use my fingernails to comb gently through her pubic hair and that causes another full body shiver. As I continue to make gentle sweeping passes by her engorged pussy, I feel her hand rub my leg and start to find its way up my shorts. Her fingers brush my cock and it's my turn to have a full body shiver.

"Do you like that Mr. Arn?" she asks with a hopeful look on that adorable, innocent face.

"You have no idea how good that feels..." I mumble almost incoherently. I want to shy away because my cock is so sensitive right now that it feels like even the slightest touch will set me off. She manages to gently rake her fingernails along the length of my shaft and I moan even louder. Focus Arn! This woman's energy is a heady brew of sex, seduction, and heat. I delve my fingers into that heat and look for the fire. My tongue finds her mound and as I suck on it I feel my chin getting wetter and wetter. She undoes the buckle on my shorts deftly with one hand and the only thing holding them up now is my engorged dick. With one quick tug of her hand they obey the will of gravity and fall in a heap to the floor. I lift my mouth from her ocean and pull her hips to the edge of the table. My cock is a throbbing, upright mast of eagerness and I pat it onto her welcoming mound of pure pleasure. I gently slide into her waiting hole and there is no resistance at all. I slides in effortlessly and I can feel her juices sloshing around inside of her. She grips my dick with her pussy and I can feel her walls contract. Her hands encircle my hips and pull me deeper into her. I thrust with the rhythm of the music that is playing softly in the room. "You are the perfect student, Julie. I could never dream of anyone better." I whisper as I bite gently on her nipples. I continue to thrust and moan with sheer joy. As I continue to slowly rock my pelvis back and forth, in and out, I lean over and feel the warmth of her entire body against mine. "About that neck..." I whisper in a hoarse voice. I begin to suck on her neck, just below the jaw line by the ear. I work my way down to her collarbone, over and up to her other ear all the while thrusting slowly. Her legs encircle my waist and pull me even deeper into her and I gasp in pure bliss, arching my back into my thrusts. Her fingernails rake my back gently and grab at me as she orgasms on my cock. Thrust. Thrust. Focus. Another contraction and I feel her need pulling the cum out of my balls into my dick. "Not yet Arn, not yet." I tell myself. Slow. Rhythm. Thrust. The squishing noises of my cock sliding in and out of her labia are too much. "May I cum in you, Julie?" I ask in a hoarse voice as I feverishly begin to pump my hips against her hungry, willing love hole.

"Yes, Mr. Arn! Cum in me! I want you to!" As I explode into her, she locks her legs around my waist so I can't get away and contracts her walls over and over, milking my cock. Sucking every last drop of my cum into her. I turn my head and let out a long, shivering, "Fuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhggg!" She bites my earlobe and I contract again, somehow pushing even more cum out into her waiting warmth.

We lay there for a long moment. I can feel her breasts pushing up into me in gasps. I bury my head in her neck and whisper my thanks. I don't think I will ever cum that hard again. Not unless it's with her. She is the only one that could ever do that to me again. I have no words left...I simply melt into her.


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