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Mile High Club

The day had finally arrived. I finally had a date with the Goddess of my dreams. She and I had been trying to arrange a meet for months, but she's literally a celebrity, so I was just grateful whenever she found time for me. She emanates godliness in all she does, and she was unwilling to compromise her standards of complete and total deference. She had no interest in me or my feelings, and she made this clear to me time and time again. Of course I wanted some semblance of respect and courtesy from her, but she was adamant and unbending. I either had to agree to dehumanize myself and succumb to her godliness, or I had to walk away. This Goddess had me in a submissive vice long before I realized the extent of her megalomania, and by the time I realized, I was already trapped under her spell. She already knew that I was desperate for any affection from her, and it was simply too late for me to walk away.

I succumbed to her demands, and I still never learned her real name. She had me refer to her only as Goddess, and she told me that I was never to look her directly in the eyes without explicit permission. Her conditions felt so degrading, but I humbly agreed. All I wanted was to finally be good enough for her to set aside some time for me. If my dignity was the cost, then she had me willing to pay just about anything.

I did mention that she is a celebrity, and she frequently travels the world in her private jet to attend VIP functions and galas. I actually don't even know what made her so famous, but I know that she somehow attained celebrity status and she fills the role a bit too perfectly. The details of how she managed to attain a private jet are still a bit blurry, but I think the story somehow involves Trump and a Mexican abortion, but I really can't say for sure. In any case, she affords any worldly travels on her whim and someone else's expense. I hold zero judgement towards her, and she owns her jet and her Goddess demands with an entitement that I am not qualified to question.

I promised her full reign over our date and my body. I wanted her to know that things would go whichever way and however she wanted, without any questions from me. She was aloof towards my desperate pleas, and simply confirmed that she knew I would come around. Above all else, she just wanted a good time. She booked us a couple's getaway in a Mexican bungalow/resort/spa/beach, and she arranged to pick me up in Boston in her private jet.

I couldn't wait. I couldn't remember the last time anyone had made me feel so special, and now the Goddess of my dreams was going to fly me to Mexico for my dream vacation. My arousal and anticipation was palpable when I was waiting for her arrival on the VIP landing strip at the airport. Her plane made a flawless landing, and she swung the door open as the grand rolling staircase pulled up for my ascent. I saw her beautiful frame posed in the entrance as she beckoned with one finger for me to climb the stairs to meet her. I eagerly climbed the stairs two at a time, beaming at the chance to be in her radiant presence.

I looked around her jet, and it was unbelievable. She had a full staff of servants, several different sleeping chambers, and a grand master chamber. She told me to get rid of my dopey grin, and then she grabbed my arm and led me to her master chamber. I was speechless the whole time. Not only because of my awe and disbelief, but also because she told me that I was not allowed to speak. Given the stringent negotioation to even board her lofty vessel, I didn't dare to disobey or break my promises.

As soon as we entered her chamber, as servant slid the door shut behind us. She looked at me and chuckled, and told me to watch her as she removed her sequined gown. My eyes fixed on her beautiful breasts as she slipped off her bra, and she asked me to tell me exactly how wet I was in that moment, without actually checking, on a scale of one to ten, ten being absolutely soaked. Her question made me throb, and I stuttered as I tried to come up with an accurate answer. I told her that my best guess was an eight. Her smile faded and she returned to a straight face and told me that she wanted me to be completely soaked and dripping for her, and an eight was simply inadequate. She looked away from me, and in her magic naked glory, she positioned herself on her king size bed, flying high above the ground.

Her nude form was intoxicating, and I couldn't help but stare. She beckoned me over to the bed and she spread her legs. I crawled over to her, staring at her gorgeous pussy. She grabbed me by the hair and forced direct eye contact. She told me that I was going to eat her sweet pussy until I could rate my pussy a ten, or until we reached Mexico, whichever happened first. I nodded that I understood, and she pushed my head down between her legs. She tasted so sweet as I licked and sucked. Each of her moans and every time she held my head in place served to make me more and more wet for her. I wanted to go down on her for hours, even though I had soaked through my panties long before she told me to stop. I ate her out until her body was exhausted from cumming in my mouth over and over. After she regained some of her strength, she asked me again how wet I was. I answered without hesitation that I was at ten.

She nodded in approval, and she told me to go get her strapon. She gestured to a thick black nine inch strapon hanging on a hook on the wall. I quickly retrieved it and handed it to her. Still laying on her back, she quickly strapped on, and she told me that she wanted me to ride her. I could barely hide my excitement as I mounted her big black cock. My cunt was dripping and she slid inside me with ease. I moaned viscerally once she was all the way inside me, and my hips started grinding on her cock. I love taking it really deep, and I kept pushing my hips down to keep her really deep. She grabbed onto my hips and lifted me up and down on her cock. She told me to bonce because she wanted to watch my tits bounce for her. I did what I was told and watching how pleased she was brought me very close to orgasm. She felt my hips and legs trembling, and she asked if I wanted permission to cum. I nodded and was barely able to say the word yes in between my moans. She gave me permission when she said, "Cum for me", and I gave her my orgasm on cue. I came so hard and didn't stop, and I left a big mess all over her and her big cock.

I dismounted and she exited the chamber to go clean herself up. By the time she returned, I could feel the plane touching down on the Mexican runway. I thought we were off to an amazing start to our weekend tryst together, but I guess she thought otherwise. She told me that she had already used me for all that she needed. She pushed me out of the plane, and stranded alone in Mexico, I watched her private jet fly away as quickly as she had landed.

Dedicated to my favorite Goddess


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