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Mistress Rebecca (Erotica)

It was midnight and Tom had just put on his pajama pants and sat patiently at his computer. He had a long, hard shift at work and needed to relax and release.

Usually his mistress Rebecca would send him a brief message every midnight , making sure her slave was available for midnight play.

If he wasn't... He would punished.

The clock read 12:06am and Tom was getting impatient. He began to worry that Mistress Rebecca wouldn't contact him tonight. Before he could begin to sulk, a message came through.

"Slave...".  It read

Tom sat up straight eagerly replying to her message .

"Mistress Rebecca, I am here and ready to serve you". He  replied. He could feel his dick begin to grow inside of his pajamas.

Mistress Rebecca is Tom's first mistress of financial domination. He had read her profile on fetlife 2 Years ago and had been her slave every since. He was deeply intrigued by her personality and her confidence was breath taking. Her beauty was indescribable. Mistress Rebecca became an addiction.

Tom considered himself a shy and very private man . He respected women and considered himself pretty normal. He made a decent about of money, lived alone and did normal things...that was until he met Rebecca

"I want to play a game slave. A game where I tell you what to do, and you fucking do it without hesitation," replied Mistress Rebecca.

Tom began to feel a bit nervous, curious and extremely horny all at once.

"Yes Mistress" he replied.

"I want you cover your dick with oil and stroke it very...very..slowly for 7 minutes. You are NOT allowed to cum. Once the 7 minutes is over, send me a treat and I shall reward you".

Tom got nervous. He knew it was only a matter of time before he came all over himself. But Mistress Rebecca never likes him to cum without permission. Oil is Tom's weakness and Mistress knows that. Tom knew he was being tested.

"...yes mistress". Tom replied.  He grabbed his bottle of baby oil, stripped off his pajama bottoms and pressed record on his camera. Tom slowly sat in his chair, his dick hard as a rock.

Tom began to stroke his long dick very slowly. He tried hard to think of other things to keep from cumming. He thought of old ladies, wrinkled old balls from old men, squirrels (Tom hates squirrels), anything to distract him from such pleasure.

Nothing worked...

After 3 minutes Tom began to breathe heavily and closed his eyes. The oil felt so....fucking..good. Tom opened his eyes and stared at his pulsating dick. He kept stroking with one hand and grabbed the oil with the other. He poured more oil on his dick and watched it drip from his dick to the floor.

"FUCCKK"  Tom groaned.

Tom began to think of Rebecca. He pictured his hands squeezing her large juicy tits and pinching her nipples. He pictured his mistress shaking her tits and slapping his face with them. He then began to imagine Rebecca putting his oily dick between her tits and titty fucking him fast and hard.

He pictures mistress bouncing those tits up...and down. Up...and down.

Tom didn't realize he began stroking his dick faster. He used both hands and began rocking his hips.

Tom couldn't control himself. The warmth and slickness of his dick between his hands turned him on so much.


After 6 minutes Tom could feel himself cumming.


THE SQUISHY SOUND FROM THE OIL ON HIS DICK SOUNDED AMAZING. Tom was about to explode and he quickly removed his hands...

Tom caught his breath and opened his eyes.  He shut off the camera and sent the video to his mistress.

Tom was very nervous and knew he would be punished. He did not cum because his mistress didn't give him permission however he knew he wasn't stroking himself slowly like she suggested...

Tom anxiously waited at his computer for the Mistress reply...he knew he was in deep shit..

Tom pulled out his wallet and removed his credit card. He sent Mistress Rebecca. $200

"There..hopefully she'll go easy on me". He said out loud...

**Part two coming soon".


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