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Mistress Xena is Born!

Kathy Thompson is 43, newly divorced. Mark, her ex has moved in with his 20 something girlfriend. Kathy was crushed to learn of their affair! Apparently, no one else was surprised. Sad, angry Kathy decided to pick herself up by her bootstraps as her mama told her and get on with life! A week later she'd booked passage on a singles cruise.

Another week passed, Kathy was on her way to her new life! Growing up, sex wasn't ever talked about, so when she got married, Mark had to teach her everything. She loved Mark, but she wondered what their sex life could've been if Mark had been more open in sharing his fantasies with her. He'd never even asked what turned her on? Kathy likes being in charge in the bedroom.

The first day everyone wore clothes, after that they were optional. Kathy decided to go nude all day to see how she feels about it. The "deck hands" were around to put sunscreen on her. While working, they had to wear a speedo at least. All the men looked like The Thunder from Down Under, but no sexy accents. Kathy loved all the attention! She's not a Victoria's Secret model, but she's kept her body in good shape. Kathy played volleyball in college, is an avid golfer, swimmer. Walking past a deck hand she noticed his cock growing. He must like tall blondes with big tits, round ass, shapely legs!

An hour after lunch, Kathy attended a class on BDSM. She fucking LOVED it!

That is how Mistress Xena was born!


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