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Molly and her daddy

Molly has been fucking her dad since her mom announced she was a lesbian and was leaving him for her girlfriend,Tina. Molly has always been wrapped around Jared's finger, now she's always wrapped around his cock!

Three months ago the night her mom, Sasha left Molly stayed w her dad. She was really angry her mom hurt her dad like that! Jared loved Sasha with all his heart! To deal with his pain, Jared got out the Jack Daniels. He didn't set out to drink so much, but he was buzzing pretty good when he fell up the stairs on his way to his room. Jared isn't much for crying, but he was getting misty, his heart is broken.

Molly heard a thump, saw it was her daddy. She helped him to his room, get in bed. He whispered stay w me, mollyhoped this night would come! She longed to feel his naked body on hers! He stripped to his boxers, drifted off. In his sad, inebriated state he wasn't fully aware what was going on and Molly took full advantage of the situation. She rubbed her butt against his crotch, making his dick hard. Next she put his hands on her ample 38C tits! Moaning, Jared moved his right hand to mollys smooth pussy, making Molly cry out! Jared took off his boxers, his daughter's panties and he fucked her from the side, spooning. Molly knew he still thought he was making love to her mother, she didn't care, she needed his cock so bad! Grunting, moaning Jared took off her nightshirt, turning Molly over!

Seeing his daughter instead of his wife should've disgusted him, but in that moment it was the biggest turn on he's ever experienced! He kept fucking Molly's sweet, bare cunt until he filled it w his hot cum! Molly loved cumming w her daddy! Laying there exhausted Jared leaned over kissed his little girl on the forehead, whispered I love you, drifted off to sleep.

Waking up to the smell of eggs and bacon frying, Jared put on his boxers, went to the kitchen. Seeing Molly's firm legs, cute little bubble butt made his cock twitch. He'd fantasized here and there about Molly, but until last night he never thought he'd act on them. He felt guilty, he took her virginity. When he woke up, he saw the light bloody stain on his sheet. Jared knows she and Sasha's periods were synced, was over two weeks ago. Jared walked up, kissed Molly's forehead again, good morning angel! Asked how she's feeling. Molly stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed him on the mouth tenderly, said I'm great daddy! Jared's cock twitched again. Jared told Molly to sit down, Molly, I'm so sorry about last night! I thought you were your mother at first, then your body felt so good I couldn't stop! I shouldn't have taken your maidenhead from you. Molly knew he'd feel guilty, she grabbed her phone, played a video of her saying she wants her dad to be her first lover, to give him the gift of her virginity. She told him to look at the date, her 18th Birthday. Seeing that was all he needed! Jared picked Molly up, took her back to their room, made love to her all day!


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