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More smiles

I'm tied up to a bed in just tights and a collar face down. Underneath me are various tools and I can feel them against my skin. I'm blindfolded and can feel you standing behind me deciding what you're going to do to me first. I want you to mark me. To make little swells across me bare skin to remind me I'm yours even when I'm not with you. I want to be able to run my fingers across them in admiration that I'm your release. You pull a tool from underneath my right thigh. I feel you suddenly rip my tights at my ass and pour a cold liquid on me. You lube my ass then roughly shove my cold steel plug in my asshole. You smack my ass hard, once on each cheek as you tell me all my plugs will be steel. You walk around to my left side and pull another tool out from under my left abdomen. It's leather straps slightly burning my skin. You walk to the foot of the bed and I feel the sting of the whip before I hear the swish through the air. You're hitting my upper thighs, right beneath my ass cheeks. Over and over. I beg you to stop but we both know this is what we want. Soon you decide to reach for another toy. From underneath my right shoulder you pull out a thin flogger. You walk to the end of the bed and ask me what my duties are as a woman. With every answer you flog me on my ass or on my back.

It is a woman's duty...

To clean cock with her mouth

To have all her holes used

To service a well endowed man

To produce milk

To moan loudly

Too be feminine

To care for her nails, pubic area and hair

To be proud of her drooling pussy

To be bred

To crave her man's cum

You tell me I'm a good girl and release my feet bindings and tell me to put my ass in the air. You get behind me and yank out my plug and fuck me hard in my asshole. My ass is sore from the flogger and you smack and grab it more as you thrust your thick fertile cock in and out. Right before you cum you pull out to the edge so your cum drips out as fast as it goes in. You walk around to my face and have me suck your cock clean before you walk off to go. Leaving me partially bound and thoroughly used.


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