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Morning Wood (Mistress Briana)

 I decided to write a quick erotica this morning.

Enjoy my slaves and sub's.....


I awoke with a heel to the face and long beautiful slim legs in my view. My mistress looked down at me wearing my favorite red lipstick with a touch of glitter.Her scowl gave me goosebumps and I laid there still until she gave my orders.

"Good morning you pathetic little fuck", she said. She put on a sexy smirk and stared into my eyes.

Mistress Briana is my first female mistress. I was a little nervous about trying it but dominant women had ALWAYS turned me on. Briana was a different kind of mistress who LOVED to be pleasured and demanded I make her cum at least 3 times a day. Mistress Briana.. Was the ultimate freak.

"Good morning mistress , how may I serve you?" I replied

"You figure it out!" The mistress stepped backward and did a slow sexy spin showing off the lingerie I had bought her. I stood immediately, feelings my nipples get hard and my pussy was on fire. Mistress Rebecca's tits looked amazing and her ass looked nice and round in the red thong. I slowly walked to my mistress, stood behind her and smacked her hard on the ass.

Mistress Briana loved being spanked. Sometimes I'd spank her for a half hour straight. I spanked her over..over and over. Faster..and faster.

"That's it. Spank my ass! Spank my fucking ass until it hurts. Spank me you piece of shit!"

My pussy was dripping with juices as I watched Mistress Briana bend over and wiggle her ass. The softness make me wanna pounce her and the way it jiggled and bounced made me want to put my face in it. I was in love with her ass..and she knew it.

Mistress began playing with her pussy as I spanked her harder.

"I'm going to fucking cum. Spank my ass harder but slower sweet slave!"

I did as I was told as Mistress Briana screamed and collapsed as she orgasmed.


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