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Mr. X

Grace and her best friend, Lynne graduated from Culinary School. They've both worked since they were 10yrs old, babysitting, dog walking, raked leaves, shoveled snow, cleaned cars, homes, countless lemonade/cookie stands, worked at the best pizza place in between school, extra curricular activities. Over the years they saved $50,000!!! Grace is the math whiz, Lynne is great at advertising/marketing!

One busy night at Joe's Pizza, a man in a suit and tie came in to talk to them. He was an attorney for someone who wanted to remain anonymous. Giving them his card, he asked them to meet him at his office in Chicago the next day at 10am. They lived in a suburb 30 mins away.

Always on time, they were early. An attractive woman showed them into Davis Jenkins office. Pleasantries exchanged, Mr. Jenkins told them why they were there. Mr. X is a very wealthy man who donates money every year to worthy young ppl like yourselves. His donation is tax free, his accountants took care of that already. Grace said, what's the catch? Lynne was just as wary. Mr. Jenkins reached into the blue folder on his desk, pulled out a letter, this is what it said; Hello Ladies, you may call me Xaviar, that however isn't my real name in case you try to find me. I have worked all my life, studied hard, found out early in my life how to Win Friends and Influence People. I've made hundreds of millions of dollars, but it doesn't bring me happiness. What does, is helping other hard working people. I give money to daycare teachers, policemen, soup kitchen volunteers, etc. Sometimes I dress in expensive suits, other times I'll be a next door neighbor, a homeless man. I will not reveal how I came across you two, I'm sorry. My one caveat for giving you two million dollars is you go on a world tour to every country you've ever wanted to visit, then give the rest of the money away. Ive blessed you both, now go bless others. Be Safe, Have Fun!

Lynne and Grace signed the papers, then Mr. Jenkins called to transfer the money into their new joint account. Before they left, Mr Jenkins asked for an itenerary of their trip before they left. Mr. X is providing travel arrangements and two bodyguards. He assured them, they'd be unaware of them the whole trip, it's just a precaution. They went right home, plotted their trip of a lifetime!

Grace wanted to see Paris, London, Dublin, whereas Lynne wanted to tour the US first, then go abroad to South America, India, Africa, Australia. Lynne is perfectly happy on a beach w a good book, but she can't wait to scuba/snorkel in Belize, The Maldives, go on safari in Kenya! They kissed their families goodbye, were off to the greatest adventure of their lives!!!


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