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My back deck

My back deck overlooks the neighbors house.

A fucking sexy as fuck man. Who is rarely home. And has a girlfriend. but tonight... Tonight he was home. So tonight I did something a bit crazy...

Its early spring. Still chilly enough to see your breath at night.

When all the house was asleep. I snuck out to the back deck. It was about 4am. Everything was dark. A hint of fog hovered in the sky. I stripped naked. And faced his house. My nipples quickly hardened due to the chilly air. I rubbed them to try to warm them up. But it didn't work. I reached down and felt the familiar smooth wet pussy...

Knowing he was asleep. But at any moment he could wake and see me. Made me so wet and arroused.

I sat in the chair. The metal frame was like ice to my skin. Causing more chills down my spine. I needed this. I wanted this... I was going to do this i thought to myself and opened my legs as wide as i could. I began rubbing my clit.

Soft little circles to start. I leaned my head back and took a deep breath. Harder and harder quicker and quicker I rubbed.

I called out his name. As I came. Wet juices squirted out of me... running down my leg and the chair.

A light came on at the house next door... I froze... did he hear me? Does he know?

Moments later his girlfriend walked out the door... hmm guess he wasn't alone tonight. I gathered up my pile of clothes and returned safely inside my home.


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