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My blue dodge

Dec 23rd, 2015 5:28 pm

I just got home from the car dealership. This morning I went to the lot. Knowing full well I would walk out of there with a beautiful brand new dodge charger. It was the perfect shade of bright blue. It looked gorgeous. I had to have it.

When I arrived, I had 2 salesmen trying for my attention. Offering to show me, "mom" vehicles. Since they were detailing my new dodge I decided to test drive something while I was waiting.

The younger of the two salesmen climbed in the passenger side of the van, while the older one hopped in the back seat. And tossed me the keys.

"Trust me, once you drive it, you will love it."

"I am not a mini van sort of person."

"Its very convenient, just try it."

"Fine,"I said and climbed in the driver's seat.

I started it up. And both salesmen went to work telling me all the different features of the of the vehicle. I was not all that impressed. And told them so. I drove them down main roads and side roads and finally was told to go a few miles out side of town to a park, where they coukd show me under the hood, and some other one if a kind characteristics of the van.

Knowing nothing about vehicles I didn't really care what was under the hood but agreed to stop. Once at the park they directed me where to park. The older salesman popped the hood and was telling me all sorts of different specs. When he was done, the younger one, asked me to come to the back of the van so he coud show me how the seats fold into the floor, another pointless feature I didn't care about. But I agreed to look at it.

He folded down the rear bench seats and then the middle bucket seats. He slid the driver's seat all the way forward and instead the key into a little spot on the floor.

"Now this model is not standard. It was custom built for a mother, such as yourself."

A hidden floor panel opened. And inside was quite the Array of whips, chains, rope, blindfolded, and sex toys.

"Now you see, ma'am, once the seats are folded down, the windows auto tint. But to pitch black, so no one can see in, or out for that matter. It is also 100% sound proof. "

I felt a hand cover my mouth and hot breath on my ear. "Now, be a good girl and climb in the back, azzy!"

FUCK FUCK how did he know that name. Only my online dom whom I had met knows that name.

He let go of my mouth and spun me around so I was facing him. "Now is not the time for questions, my pet, it is time for obedience. Get in the van!"

I climbed in. " I see you are wearing the skirt I demanded, are you also wearing your new larger plug?"

"Yes sir." I replied

"Show me."

I bet over so I was on all 4s with my ass facing the side door. I lifted my skirt. Exposing only a tiny thong and a heart shaped jewel.

Just then the other back door opened and the older salesman smiled. Oh good. Just in time he said and began to arrange straps and hooks.

Cloths off my pet. The younger salesman smacked my ass. I stripped off my clothes and he locked them in the glove box. Now as promised, so long ago. I said at our first meeting . Will

1. be a surprise

2. Be outsdoors

3. I will own your ass

4. While you suck off another man's cock

5. Restrained

If you are a good girl. I will allow you to cum

I began to protest. And he shoved 0 ring gag in my mouth. And strapped it in place. I tried to speak but only mumbles and drool spilled out.

The older salesman set up one of the rear seats. While the younger placed me what he wanted me in the van. My ankles mere bound with rope and secured to hooks on the floor. My wrist cuffed to more hooks attached to the floor. He placed a dog collar tightly around my neck. Dangling from it were 3 small silver chains. With clamps.

Fuck please no. I screamed. But only moans and drool from my mouth came out.

He attached one painfully tight to each nipple and one to my clit. "So wet you are my pet" he said drsggong one finger from clit to ass. He wiggled the large plug. "Soon i will take that ass." Then pulled my hair till I was looking Staight ahead. This pulled all 3 clamps painfully.

He looked a rope thru my braided hair And Dog Collar and stung the rope to the ceiling hooks and tied it off.

Now if I tired to lower my head it would pull my hair and choke me. And if I raised it. My nipples and clit would be painfully pulled.

They each shut a van door and the older salesman took a seat and undid his pants. His cock sprung to life hitting me across the face.

You may begin I heard the younger one say.

I waited for something to happen.

I said begin azzy he said again smacking my ass so hard my knees shook. I tried to tell him I couldn't move. I didn't know what to do. But again only moans and more drool.

3 more smacks across my ass.


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