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My ex Boyfriends revenge

Mike and I had been together for 5 years, when I strayed. I met this gorgeous man at work and instantly we fell for each other. I tried to keep it a secret, but of course someone spotted me with him in another club and put two and two together and told Mike, he confronted me and I admitted that I felt our relationship had gone sour and quite by accident met Paul. Of course there was one hell of a row and he packed his clothes and went back to his parents. Within three days, he had collected all his part of the house furniture and taken his car and money and gone. I was skint so Paul lost interest, so much for love eh??

I went to a gay club looking for some companionship and met a really nice older guy (well 10 years older than me I am 33) and we had a few drinks and he asked me back to his house, so off we went.

He had a lovely home, I had a bit of a headache and asked for a tablet, he went and got me two and a glass of water and then we sat and chatted. Lionel (as he called himself) said "Kyle, can I ask you somethingplease?" "Sure" I said "Go ahead"

"Hope you dont mind my asking, but have you every tried a little cross dressing for anyone like another guy, for fun"

"Err No" I replied "Not exactly my scene, have to admit though,never tried it", as I was facing Lionel, I noticed that as he was talking to me, he was getting a very obvious boner in his trousers, as he talked about it.

I tried to sound interested and asked "Why? does a man wearing lingerie excite you?"

Lionel blushed a little and tried to shift himself around, "I like a guy wearing tights (Pantyhose) maybe fancy panties or, stockings and suspenders, it really gets me hot fr fucking him, you interested?"

"Well" I said "If you help me dress a little I think I might try something, do you mean now?"

"Yes" answered Lionel, "I will go and get some of the gear I keep here in the house and help you into them, and will change into something a little less formal myself"

He came back with a small case and opened it to reveal, tights of different colours, panties and french knickers, stockings with matching suspender belt, I thought they looked rather nice to be honest.

He was wearing a T shirt and a jockstrap, and for a 43 year old man, he was fucking fit. I took off my clothes, and my 8" cut cock sprang out.... "Wow, that's one hell of a cock, just let me suck it for a while then get you dressed"

He licked my cock from end to end, licked my balls, and started to suck me off, I started with a little pre cum and told him to hang on, I did not want to cum just yet.

He stood "Here, I think these will look just fine on you" and handed me some red ace topped hold up stockings, red lace matching knickers and a suspender belt. He helped me pull on the stockings, and suspender belt, even though they were hold ups, and then pulled up the lace edged knickers.... my cock was rock hard, my butt aching for his cock, when he stood and dropped his jockstrap.... his cock sprang out, it must have a hefty 10" and it was THICK........." Just turn around please" he requested and next thing was I felt a hot hard cock head sliding up my knickers leg and finding my butt hole, I was already wet and his cock leaked pre cum and one push he was in, but it hurt him pushing all the way in. But shit it was worth it.... He fucked me in and out for 10 minutes, I loved it, I could feel his cock moving the material of my knickers around and it really, really turned me on.

He suddenly quivered and I knew he was going to cum, cum?... he filled me up and I could feel cum oozing out of me, he pulled away and I had cum running down my legs and my knickers were soaked. I told him "I had better change and go home I am so sticky" "Ok" said Lionel "Here are your clothes, put them on over you lingerie" He was bigger built than me so I did as he said.

"Will you come here tomorrow night and wear something else for me please"... "I would love to" I answered.... "I have to be honest and say I loved wearing some fem gear"

We kissed goodnight and off I went. I stripped when I got home and put my gear into a bowl to rinse through,,, I did not feel as sore as I thought having taken such a huge cock,,,,, and went to bed.

When I woke in the morning I was bursting for a piss, went in the toilet grabbed my cock and pissed all over the floor, I had missed my cock, I tried to stop making such a mess ut could grab my cock, when I pulled my shorts down, I just gazed in horror and then started to cry my cock and balls had disappeared, piss was still dripping down my leg, I put my hand between my legs and again was horrified to find a gash where my balls had been. I sat on the toilet seat and opened my legs wide so I could see myself in the full length mirror I HAD A PUSSY, A FUCKING VAGINA...... Lionel the Bastard, had cunted me with those pills, no wonder they didnt clear my head!!!!

It was Sunday morning, and I dd not know what to do...the phone rang, didnt answer it, answerphone came on, it was Mikes voice, "Hello Dear" he said "what you doing today? going out to buy some more panties? tampons, etc" hope you enjoy the rest of your life you Bastard"

I went straight arounf to Lionel, he let me in and seemed most concerned about the state I was in. I told him what had happened, he got the pill bottle and NONE of the tablets left said paracetamol on them there were only three,,, Lionel looked at me and started to cry "I had Mike here the night you split up, he must have changed the tablets, let me see what yiu have" I dropped my jogging bottoms, sat on the bed and opened my legs..... "Fucking hell" said Lionel "That is one gorgeous pussy, dont complain I could have you here with me for ever with that equipment"

"Dont you mind" I asked him, "Not at all" he replied...... I can fuck you and kist you and play with your nipps at the same time and you can now lay on ytour back"

to be continued........


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