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my girls mom knows best...

when i was young... i had a cute, dark haired, green eyes girl in my neighborhood that i started dating, she was the type that didn't put out often if at all.... but.. i always had high hopes that would change.... i use to walk down to her house to hangout with her... one evening her mother was home also.. it started getting late and i was getting ready for my walk home... i noticed her mother on a couple ocassions staring at me.. but thought nothing about it.. as i was about to walk out... he mother.. DEBBY was her name... said....'its dark out... not really safe for walking... ill take you home..' . my girl started to walk to the car with us when debby said.. 'i need you to stay here... im waiting on an important call and i need you to wait by the phone.' with a look of annoyance my girl agreed and kissed me good night... so.. it was debby in the drivers seat seat and me in the passengers seat. i couldn't help glancing at the way her tits seemed to bounce and shake whenever we hit a bump.. and i could feel my dick swelling up... as we pulled onto the road to my house.... i noticed she turned the wrong way... i was about to inform her she went the wrong way to my house when she put her hand on my hard cock stroking me through my pants....smiling at the gasp i let out as she squeezed my balls she said lets take the long way... shall we? she stopped rubbing my cock long enough to unbutton the flannel night shirt she had on so her huge tits were free, her swollen nipples stiff, hard, and long... made my cock throb even more... she pulled the car under An old bridge on a empty gravel road... it was just after dark... so no traffic to be seen. she asked me if i liked her she brought a nipple to her mouth and started sucking and licking it... i said yes. they are amazing as she pulled my head into them... putting the other nipple in my mouth... she sucked on one of her tits while i sucked and chewed on the other...she said hold on, as she opened the car door.. stood up and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and slid her panties off..she leaned with her back against her door, and with her knees bent she spread her legs wide so i could see her shaved pussy as she dragged a finger up and down her slit slowly... she slid one finger in her slippery pussy all the way.... then she slowly took it out and licked her juices off.... mmmm...she moaned.... . Do you want to taste me... taste my sweet pussy,? she asked... but before i could reply she was pushing my face into her steaming cunt.. as l sucked and licked she pushed my face deeper...rockin her hips to grind her pussy back and forth over my mouth.. faster... and faster... gasping and moaning every now and then... her breathing speeding up.... she raised up and told me to lay on my back.... then she stradled my face and dropped her pussy over my mouth... ..rubbing her clit while she kept grinding her pussy on my mouth.. my tongue.. my face... her moans getting louder.... rubbing harder on her clit as she bounced up and down on my stiff tongue as i tongue fucked her ...oh my god yes.... don't stop... eat my pussy....oh fuck yes... im going to cum... oh god.... can i cum in your mouth... oh fuck yeah... im. cumming. I'm cumming..her juices gush in to my mouth.. over flowing..swallowing what i can, the excess running down my face and neck... l twirl my stiff tongue deep inside her convulsive pussy... and she cums again.. squirting a steady stream like she was pissing down my she slowly works her swollen pussy softly over my mouth.... letting any cum that's left drain down my throat... she is unbuttoning my pants and taking my rock hard cock out she whispers... Do you want to feel my mouth take your whole cock... all the way down to your balls... would you like that.. she asks... as she rubs her finger up my shaft... and around my pulsating head... would you like to feel your cock in my throat... i want you to fuck my throat with your cock... make me gag but keep cramming your cock in my throat... think you you could do that for me... now she's stroking my cock hard... up down.. up.. down... she slides off my face and leads me outside to the front of the car.. she pushes me until I'm sitting on the hood and she drops to her knees. rolls her tongue around the head of my cock and in one slow, steady Motion
swallows s my entire cock... slowly back up to the head then again takes me down her throat in one smooth motion.. gaging this time but not letting that stop her...every time she gags she shoves my hard cock deeper downn her throat with the next stroke.. i could feel my cock start pulsating and knew i was going to cum soon... she must have known to... she started moaning.... mmmmmm..... she moaned.. taking my cock faster and faster.... Mmmmmm.her tmoans getting louder... she grabbed my cock and started jacking me off with her mouth wide open and her tongue stuck as far out as she could... wanting to taste every drop... i grabbed her by the back of her hair and shoved her mouth over my cock,forcefully, pushing her head down until she was deep throating me again then yanking her head up by her hair fast, then shoving her head down hard over my cock..again and again
.. faster... harder... i could feel the cum building... still slamming my cock in.. and out... forcing her head up and down by her hair...uhhmmmmm. uhmmmm uhmmmm is all you can hear as my cock throbs in her throat.. she feels me getting ready to cum... she starts moaning louder and her head is bouncing up and down so fast.. i start to moan... i can't hold back for long.... she grabs my cock, opens her mouth as wide as she can... sticks her tongue out, and strokes me faster... more moans of anticipating mmmmmmmm.... then i explode.... the first spasm of cum lands across her tongue which she quickly swallows... the next two streams of cum hit her in the face.... covering one eye... i start shooting more cum faster... each stream finding her open mouth or covering her cum drenched face Even more.....when I'm done... she sucks the head of my cock softly... making sure she got all my cum....


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