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My New Family - Honey and Anne

Learning to Live with Honey and Anne

A collection of erotic short stories

All rights reserved © 2015 eatu55


Author's note:

As with all my series, this one started with just one germ of an idea that developed in my imagination one scenario at a time. Eventually, the series felt like it was at a nice place to end after 14 individual episodes. As I prepared to publish the collection on Literotica, I knew the full 80-some pages would be too long for one entry, so I thought about how it might be divided. As I re-read the story sequentially, I felt 3 distinct story segments emerge. I will publish each of these as I complete QA checks:

"Part 1-My New Family" comprises 5 episodes about the narrator's view of the emerging sexual integration with his new wife and stepdaughter

"Part 2-Helping Out." in 5 episodes I explore what happens when the sexual freedom in the family touches Honey's school.

The final four episodes are "Part 3-Adopting New Sisters". It gives a glimpse into Anne's generosity, sharing her husband with her girlfriends.


Learning to Live with Honey and Anne - Part I. My New Family


Chapter 1. School Daze or Who's in Charge

After my client canceled our afternoon meeting, I headed home to make a nice dinner for the girls. Cooking always relaxes me. I stopped at the market for some fresh vegetables to go with the steaks I've been aging for a night like tonight when I need to unwind.

I closed the front door and put the groceries on the counter in the kitchen. Noticing the music coming from the family room, I walked to the back of the house to see who's home.

"Do it harder," I heard from an unknown voice, "Better. Now harder and faster." When I peeked around the corner, I saw purple and pink pompoms on the floor by the sofa. Then I saw the bottoms of some shoes. Leaning in around the door further, I noticed that the feet belong to my step daughter. She was still in her school uniform, mostly. Beside her shoes, I saw the white knee socks and plaid pleated skirt, but she was nude from the waste up, her hair was a mess and she was sobbing. In front of her on the sofa was the girl belonging to the strange voice.

The cheerleader had her legs spread. She held her spanks pulled to the side. Honey's left hand was on the other girl's thigh. Her right hand was almost cupped, her thumb pressing on the girl's clit and at least two of her fingers were inside her apparently squeezing upward. Coaxing her on again, the cheerleader said "You're not doing it right, Newbie. Rub my clit faster and harder and push up with your fingers. If you don't do it right, you'll never get your panties back."

By this time, I'd seen enough, "Ahem," I cleared my throat as I entered the room. The cheerleader bolted upright and a stream of hot juice sprayed from her all over Honey's chest. She pushed Honey away and ran from the house.

As the side door slammed, Honey jumped up and ran over to me crying, "I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm s-s-s-so s-sorry."

I grabbed the afghan from the arm of sofa and wrapped it around her shoulders. "It's going to be okay, baby. Sit down and tell me what happened." As I sat back, she leaned on my right shoulder hugging across my middle with her right arm. "Okay, okay. Take a good breath then tell me."

Knowing I had just brought my widowed bride and her 18-year-old daughter from another state, I had a feeling I could guess the backstory, but what she related I never imagined from the most exclusive, private girls' school in the area.

"Daddy, it was horrible. I expected to have to work at making friends at the new school, but I didn't know they would be so cruel. You know my last class of the day is gym, right?" I nodded, even though I really don't have a clue about her schedule.

"Well, we played volleyball in class today. It was okay. Some of the girls were rough, but most were just normal. When the gym teacher dismissed us, we all went to the showers to get ready to go home. After I showered I went to my locker. That cheerleader, Bambi, was standing there blocking my way and twirling my panties."

She said, "Nice panties, Newbie. I think I'll keep them. What do you say to that? And don't even think about tattling to that old Dyke, Ms. Jones. She's been my coach on the cheerleading squad for 4 years and you're just a sissy little outsider."

"I won't tell. I just want my stuff and to be left alone."

"I have a better idea, Newbie. You're going to take me home and I will initiate you into our club. It's called the 'everybody-shares-everybody's-panties' club. After that, you'll get your panties."

"I didn't feel I had a choice, Daddy. She threw my backpack into my arms and said, 'Let's go, sister. You've got some things to learn about how things work around here.' The only good part of the day was getting a ride home in her Corvette. I guess you saw that on the street when you got home."

"When we got into the house, I got us some water, just like Mom always does. She found her way to the family room, took off her shoes, turned on the stereo and dropped herself down on the sofa and said, 'Are you ready to earn your precious panties back?'"

"I guess so. What do I need to do?"

"Okay. First rule. You have to do just what I tell you. If you can do that, you'll pass the initiation. Start by getting on your knees right here in front of me. Good. A little closer. That's good right there. Now untuck your blouse from your skirt. Just lift it up then drop it back down."

"Okay. Is that all?" Honey asked.

"Ha. We are just getting started, silly Newbie. Now, unbutton the bottom button like a good little Newb. That's right," she said as she slid her feet up under the shirt tails and wiggled her toes at the top of my skirt. "Okay. Now another button." She pushed her hot feet further up my body and said, "now another."

"Daddy, she pushed her toes in the gap in the middle of my bra and lifted it off my breasts then rubbed them with the soles of her feet. I didn't know what else to do but follow her directions."

"It's okay, sweetie. Finish the story then we'll see what we should do about it," I said patting her shoulder.

"Okay," Honey said, sniffing. "She told me to finish unbuttoning then put my arms straight up; then she put her feet on the floor, bent forward, grabbed my blouse and pulled it right over my head with my bra. She grabbed my head in her hands and leaned in to kiss me. She flicked her tongue on my lips and whispered, 'Think you can do that?'' I nodded. 'Good.'"

"She pulled my head toward her and slid her panties to the side. She pressed my face toward her privates and said, 'Go ahead. Show me you can do it.'"

Honey started shivering as she explained how she did what she was told: Bambi held her head so Honey's lips pressed against her labia. "I just gave her a dry little kiss hoping it would be over soon, but she said to me, 'Is that what I showed you? Let me feel that tongue, right where you can feel that hard little knob. You know what it is. You know it will feel good.'"

"But I didn't Daddy. I had never put my tongue in a place like that before or felt a tongue on mine. I didn't know if it would feel good. I was frightened she might hurt me or tell stories, so I flicked it with my tongue. I didn't really taste or feel anything, but I guess she did because she pushed her pelvis up and gave out a moan before she sighed, 'That's a good little Newbie.'"

Honey continued, "I looked up to see if we were finished. But before I could ask, she said, 'Now, I want to see how strong your hands are. Get your right hand up here and put your thumb right where you just licked. Next put your first two fingers together and slide them between my wet lips until you find the hole then push them in hard—oh. Yeah, just like that. You are strong. Now I want you to keep your hand in this position and slide in and out. I want your thumb in constant contact with my clit while you do this.'"

"She kept talking at me the whole time telling me to change this or that and she really started wriggling around and gasping some. Then you came in and I think she peed all over me."


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