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My New Family Pt. 02 - Helping out

Author's note:

As with all my series, this one started with just one germ of an idea that developed in my imagination one scenario at a time. Eventually, the series felt like it was at a nice place to end after 14 individual episodes. As I prepared to publish the collection on Literotica, I knew the full 80-some pages would be too long for one entry, so I thought about how it might be divided. As I re-read the story sequentially, I felt 3 distinct story segments emerge. I will publish each of these as I complete QA checks:

"Part 1-My New Family" comprises 5 episodes about the narrator's view of the emerging sexual integration with his new wife and stepdaughter.

"Part 2-Helping Out." in 5 episodes I explore what happens when the sexual freedom in the family touches Honey's school.

The final four episodes are "Part 3-Adopting New Sisters". It gives a glimpse into Anne's generosity, sharing her husband with her girlfriends.


Part II. Helping out


Chapter 6. Homework Helper


Just as I was getting into the car to come home from work I got this text:

-From my Hot Lover Please come right up to my office when you get home.

That seemed ominous.


-From my Hot Lover Honey and I need your help with her psych project. See you soon :*


- From my Hot Lover P.S. Leave your shoes on and bring your briefcase, thanks Lover.

I waited a couple seconds to make sure there weren't any more messages and responded:

-From your Daddy Got it. Be home in 15.

Our house is an old-style colonial with 4 bedrooms upstairs. On one end is the master suite. Honey's room is on the other end. The middle two rooms serve as our guest room -which has a small desk I sometimes use- and Anne's office. All four rooms have windows that look out the back of the house onto the pond at the back of the neighboring horse property.

We finished her office in dark walnut paneling. There is a large executive desk in the middle that has a view of the door to one side and the pond on the other. Her desk is sparsely adorned: a simple blotter and a classic desk lamp with a green glass shade. Anne's chair is a comfortable leather executive chair. Opposite, there are two leather side chairs.

When I arrived home, I parked in the garage as usual. As I entered the mud room, Anne met with a kiss, "Right on time. Let's get right upstairs, Honey is waiting." She was wearing a tight, black pencil skirt, a white long sleeve blouse, dark stockings with a seam up the back and red stiletto pumps. She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs. Her office is door directly in front of the stairs. It was closed. There was a black cloth bag hanging on the door knob.

Anne took the bag from the door knob and knocked tap tap tap then tap tap and I heard Honey say, "Ready when you are." With that, Anne grabbed my left hand as she opened the door with her right.

I only had a second to see Honey with her back to the window holding a video camera when she said, "Hi Daddy. Mom, masks please. Rolling video."

Anne put on an lacey costume mask and slipped the bag over my head.

[Honey narrating]

Step 1: sensory deprivation and isolation

We are going to explore reversal of power roles in the modern sexual society. Our executive has just been brought into a meeting by the assistant. He knows he is in his office. He knows every detail of the room, at least as he remembers it. Until this experiment is over, all he will have are those memories and the stimuli that are supplied.

The assistant leads the blindfolded subject to the desk. She takes the briefcase and places it on the corner of the desk. Then takes his suit coat folds it, and lays it on top.

The assistant says, 'please have a seat and don't say another word until I remove your mask.' Then she shoves him into the chair. The chair has been prepared with four short ropes: one at each arm and two secured to the center pedestal below the seat.

She unbuttons his cuffs and secures each hand, palm up. Then she slips each foot into a loop, puts it outside one of the five casters and pulls it backward as she tightens the rope at the center of the chair.

Step 2: humiliation

The assistant dresses down the executive, starting at the top where she vigorously rustles the black hood back and forth until she is sure she has messed up his hair. She loosens his tie, takes it out from under the collar and flips it back over his shoulder then she unbuttons the rest of his shirt. She opens it completely and pulls it off his shoulders leaving his chest fully exposed.

She unbuckles his belt and pulls it completely out of all the loops and drops it casually on the floor. After she has unzipped his suit pants, she wrestles them over his butt and pulls them down below his knees leaving only his silk boxers to hide his male anatomy.

The assistant then checks to see whether this activity has resulted in any arousal. She feels the front of his boxers and says, 'Unresponsive; no indication of manhood at all.'

Step 3: pain

Failing to see a response from the forced dressing down, the assistant moves on to her next tactic, pain. She opens the desk and finds a ruler. She slaps her hand with it by the executive's head. He jerks his head to the opposite side as though he had been struck. The assistant smiles at the reaction. She slaps her hand again on the other side of his head and he jerks the other way. How will he respond to actual physical contact with the ruler? She lightly slaps his open left hand and his fingers twitch reflexively. The strike is stinging, but barely raises a mark. She continues slapping in rapid succession, each new strike bringing more blood to the surface and increasing the color. She repeats the process on his right hand until both palms look as if he had just had a rope pulled through them.

Now it is time to move on to more tender parts. The assistant moves behind the chair and gives a light slap of the ruler on his right nipple. He jumps, straining his bindings at the surprising sting. Again, it is a light strike, barely leaving a mark and again, she rapidly applies slaps until she can see the blood coloring his chest around the nipple. Now to the front of the chair, she begins slapping the inside of his left thigh. Harder now as he is getting used to the pain. She watches his groin intently to see whether this is arousing him. She is again disappointed to see it is not.

Step 4. light touch

Having determined that the pain device she had planned was ineffective, the assistant puts the ruler back into the desk. She goes to her purse and retrieves a long ostrich plume. It is scented with her perfume. She waves the feather lightly in front of his masked face to release the fragrance. She sees his chest heave as he inhales deeply. Finally, she notices the smallest indication of appreciation in his boxers. Maybe the scent has some aphrodisiac quality or maybe it is awakening a familiar context that the other deprivation blocked. She begins lightly tracing the edge of the blindfold with tip of the feather to leave as much residual fragrance as she can before she begins working on the sense of touch.


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