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My Session with a Domme

Here's how my session went:

A bit apprehensive of the unknown, I'm standing outside a one way entry gate outside of a fancy apartment building, mid day. It's about 35 degrees and sunny. With the admonishment I'd "BETTER be on time", I arrived 15 minutes early. When she finally opened the gate at 12:00 sharp, I was shivering. Partly because I was a bit chilly, but mostly because I was piss my pants nervous.

Some of my details may be slightly askew, as I was nervous. (Did I mention that?) As I entered Her well equipped dungeon and was immediately overwhelmed by her beauty. She was impeccably dressed, didn't appear to wear makeup, just lipstick and maybe some eye stuff. Her hair was medium length, colored nicely. A low cut tight leather dress type thing which exposed Her neck and perfect, natural breasts. The leather 'suit' if you will came down sort of like a tight skirt with yoga pants underneath. She wore perfectly fitting, long, leather, high heel boots, with expertly manicured toes exposed. Colored with white toenail polish and black colored tips, if toes could look delicious, these absolutely did!

Upon entry into the Dungeon, She directed me to the couch. I didn't need to be told to set her 'gift' on the coffee table and not speak unless spoken to. She told me to sit and we had a short conversation about likes and limits. Earlier, via e-mail, I provided a list of of fetishes I'm interested in and ones I've experienced. She wanted to confirm. Very professional. I mentioned to her that my interests are many and my limits few.

After a short discussion, the Mistress ordered me to undress as she watched while sitting upright in a living room chair. I complied.

She then ordered me to stand before her. I did. She examined me.

"Turn around."

I did.

"Bend over".

"Yes Ma'am.

"Spread your ass cheeks." I obeyed.

Although I wasn't expecting an "inspection" I was fully prepared, being the clean freak I am. My balls and crotch area neatly shaven to include my anal area. This, in an effort to provide a pleasant experience for the Mistress, should she decide to enter that region...

After the somewhat humiliating (which I love) anal inspection, She lead me to a chair that had a "v" shaped seat. One could access everything underneath, as I settled in. She bound my ankles to the legs of the chair and my arms behind it with a spreader bar. I was nervous, as I hadn't a clue what was next. She then placed clothes pins, in a row, along the skin underneath my cock and on to my balls. Then one on each of my nipples. This looked good, and eventually began to hurt. Once these were in place, she slapped my legs, my face and my chest. Not hard, just enough to show She meant business. My cock, when excited, leaks a tremendous amount of pre-cum. She noticed this immediately, and used the opportunity to feed it to me with her black latex gloved fingers. This turned me on.

A few more antics ensued. She removed the clothes pins. It hurt. Then she moved me to an examination table. Complete with stirrups as one would have in a gynecological exam. I placed my heels in the stirrups. She examined me. My cock and balls were viewed through a lighted magnifying glass. She the placed a black cock ring around them. Next came a careful exam of my ass hole with her latex gloved fingers and lube. First one, then two fingers in my hole. It felt wonderful! Shaking a bit, I hoped she was impressed with my cleanliness and would abuse my little hole with her finger, a toy, or something. Nothing would have pleased me more! However, it wasn't to be.

Instead, She moved me over to a chair with a platform for my knees and chest to rest upon. My ass sticking up in the air, She began whipping it! This woman is an expert! She started, somewhat hard, then decreasing, and increasing with intensity at intervals. Some of the strikes hurt like a mother fucker! But I kept my mouth shut and, at most, released a 'grunt'. I didn't want her to think she was hurting me. I wanted more. I NEEDED Her to hurt me. Put welts on my ass, and make me scream, "STOP PLEASE MISTRESS!"

Alas, I was more than content with what she provided. It was our first meeting after all. She had to leave me wanting more.

I want to mention, at times, she would stand at my head and whip my back and ass from this position. This is when I get a good look at her boots and feet. Specifically her toes. If toes can be a thing of beauty, she had them in spades! They were absolutely do die for! This is something I have learned to like over time. I never had anything for feet or toes in the past, but have since gained a great appreciation for them. Especially these.

After a thorough spanking, she retrieved my bottle of water, which She had provided. The Mistress carefully poured a bit of cool water into my dry mouth. This is incredible! After a brutal spanking, she took time to provide for her slave. She took care of me. I can't quite explain why this was good. It just was. I do know that an experienced Dominate wants to take care of their slave so that he, or she, will continue to perform at their best. Not to mention for health reasons. All this as they beat you silly. I don't understand, but it was beautiful.

During all of this, it's absolutely clear, this woman gets off on what she does. She exercises perfect restraint, but is laser focused on me and her mission to make me suffer. I'm not able to describe this, but watching her get off on torturing me, excites me to no end. In fact, through much of this, even the ass whipping, I'm hard as a rock!

After brutalizing my ass, then providing for her slave, the beautiful Mistress moved me into a full body "glove" if you will. My entire body goes into a neoprene tube sort of thing. My arms are immobilized in two sleeves inside the tube. There is a zipper that goes from my knees, all the way up to my neck. There is another zipper that opens up along the main zipper. She opens it. Exposing my cock and balls. She then whipped me through this body tube. My chest, arms, legs, and yes, my poor little cock and balls are whipped mercilessly. Not hard at first, but with increasing intensity. Periodically, she asks, "How are you doing boy?"

I reply, "Very good Ma'am! Thank you."

As she tortures my body, my cock, and my poor aching balls, she allows a break. Long enough to carefully place a vibrating wand on my manhood. This feels terrific. I get hard. Then she makes me suffer again. This is intense and continues. Intense pleasure combined with intense pain. With each strike, each wrench of pain, I feel intense emotional release! I am in a happy place!

Finally, this evil Goddess expertly places the vibrating wand in a spot at the base of my cock, above my balls and commands, "Cum for me now boy!" Within a minute, I have one of the most mind blowing orgasms of my entire life! Spewing cum all over the black neoprene of the body suit. It was so intense, my head felt light for several seconds, then hurt like crazy for a short time.

She then helped me out of the neoprene tube and ordered me to get up slowly, as she could tell I was dizzy from the loss of body fluid that came from my cock in the form of semen. Once I gained composure, she ordered, "Worship my toes!"

I enthusiastically complied. I must have done well because she didn't have me stop for several minutes. She also moaned as I kissed, and gently licked my delicious desert.

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