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My Special Pop

It was getting dark outside. Daddy was finishing the dishes and watching me play with my pony set. I love the pink sparkly one so much. I am making them have a party at the castle.

Daddy finished the dishes and came to sit on the couch behind me.

“Come here baby cakes, I want to talk to you.” daddy said with a warm smile. I love my daddy. It is just him and I since mommy left us when I was a baby.

“Miss Lisa said you have been really good at play school the last few days and I just wanted to tell you how very proud I am of you, sweetie. I got you a special good behavior treat!”

“A treat?!!” I exclaim. My favorite words to hear. I love treats and daddy knows that. Daddy pulls out a can of whipped cream from behind the couch cushion. My eyes light up with excitement. He knows just what I love. Ever since I could remember, daddy would tell me to open my mouth now and then and he would squirt sweet cream on my tongue as a treat.

“Mmm mmm! Thank you so much Daddy. That looks so yummy.” Daddy looked down in his lap. Our dark blue blankie was curled on his lap around a long pink squishy thing. “What's that Daddy?” I asked. I had never seen something like it.

“That is a special pop for you to eat your cream on! Here, I will show you.” Daddy squirt some of the cream in a circle around the tip of the long pink hard thing. It looks so funny. It is daddy colored…. I'm a little confused but I quickly forget as I start to lick the sweet cream from my special pop. The special pop is warm and throbbing and I very quickly realize it is connected to Daddy because his face starts to look like a hungry tiger just like he gets when he is washing my bottom in the bath.

“That is a very, very good girl my little baby cakes.” Daddy said, as he swirled some more sweet cream on the top of the pop. I can tell I am making daddy really, really happy by the sounds he is making and the way he's moving funny. We go through most of the bottle of cream until Daddy pushes me away a little bit. He sits up and scoots closer to me.

“Are you ready for the middle sweetie? It's a little bit different, but I think you're going to like it. It's good for your tummy so make sure you swallow all of it okay?” I just nod and smile at him. I love making him so happy. Daddy squirts a little bit more of the cream on the tip of his pop. This time, as I put my mouth around the top, he gently pushed the back of my head a little bit down on to the pop. I felt this warm gooey stuff filling up my mouth and I did not like the taste. I pulled back so I could spit it out but daddy put his hand over my mouth and nose.

“no, no baby girl. Swallow it right now.” Daddy looked a bit mean. I don't like that. “Remember what I said?!”

With no way to spit it out and fearing daddy would be mad, I was forced to swallow it down. Daddy took his hand off my mouth and I frowned at him with my big sad eyes. “I didn't like that taste daddy!” I whined. But he didn’t hear me because he was too busy panting and grabbing the poPoland blankie with a scrunchie face on.

“Are you happy Daddy???” I was confused about the way daddy was acting but I knew I did everything right. Didn't I? Daddy opened his eyes and smiled at me. My heart flooded with relief. He moved the Blankie and pop and motioned for me to come to him. He pulled me up on his lap and I laid my little head full of long brown hair on his big warm chest.

“I am the happiest daddy in the whole world because I have the best, most special princess that will ever walk this earth. I love you more than you can imagine my sweet little baby cakes.”

And so, with a mouth so sticky sweet and a heart full of special love, I drifted off to my sweet little dreams of squishy pink castles covered in sweet melty cream . ❤


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