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I must admit that my wife has role in my success,not only in my job,but in my whole life,my name is .
RALPH,now i am in my late forties,i got married twenty years ago,my wife was two years younger than me,she was and still a very sexy woman,she knows to take care of her body shape.

Our first three years were full of enjoyment and fun,i agreed with my wife to delay having children and to live free life,my wife was hot in every thing,hot in bed,hot in her dressing and hot in her movements,all my friends talk about her beauties

She feels happy when they admire her long legs,her milky thighs and her round ass,she never tries to hide her beauties,she selects short skirts to show her sexy thighs,tight jeans to show her nice curves,and while she is in the house she remain without any clothes on,she likes to be naked.

We were having sex every night more than one time,we tried all types and kinds of sex,all sex position,my wife is a very good in cock sucking,once or twice a week we have anal sex,she gave all what a man needs,i noticed that after few months of our marriage she started to talk about weird things related to sex.

She asked me how i feel if i seed her being fucked by another man while i watch,will i accept it or react badly,i told her that the idea never come to my mind,i really do not have an answer,i heard her saying"do you like to try and see"i said"we tried many things in sex,no harm to add one more,but tell me do you have any one in mind?

The reply came fast"yes i do,i am thinking to invite my uncle.i had nice time with him before i met you,he is younger than mom,he his her youngest brothers,you have seen him and talked to him i our wedding party,remember"

Yes i remembered him,i replied,my wife invited her uncle to have dinner with us,he came on time,my wife gave her uncle a long kiss,then he shook my hand,we sat to have few drinks,my wife was ready for her uncle,she selected a long dress opened from two sides,bare back and hardly covering half of her breasts,no panties,no bra.

She talked to him about her nice stay she had when she visited his house,about the fun they had together,her uncle reminded her with the hot spanking that he was giving her butt,she told him that she really missed that fun

I looked at her uncle saying"my wife talked to me about that spanking,i like to see it now,will you do it so i can enjoy watching"my wife removed her dress and sat naked on her uncle lap with her ass up,he started to spank her slowly and smoothly,then spanking faster and stronger until her ass cheeks became red.

While i was watching,i was playing with my cock,i saw my wife on her knees with her face in front of her uncle cock,she started to suck him,,when the cock was hard,she turned her back,opening her ass cheeks wide,her uncle was behind her shoving his cock into her asshole,i watched the scene and i unloaded my cum on the floor,while the uncle was unloading his cum in my wife hole.

My reaction pleased my wife,we both kissed her uncle,he left our place very happy leaving us kissing each other.

I returned early from work to tell her the good news about my promotion from sales supervisor to sales manager,she was very happy,she wanted me to invite our GM to have dinner with us so that she thanks him personally for his help.

Next morning i went to GM secretary to ask her if i can see the GM,she took me to his office,he asked me to set down,he was talking over the phone,when he finished he said to me"i expect to see big changes in your department"i said "i will do my best,i came to invite you to have dinner with me and my wife at our place,my wife wanted to thank you for your support and help"

The man accepted my invitation,he said that his daughter will come with him,he cannot leave her alone,i gave him the location and i left his office.

When he arrived with his daughter,my wife opened the door,he introduced him self and his daughter to my wife,he kissed her hand and she gave a kiss,the young daughter also kissed me and my wife,she gave my wife a small box.

We sat in the guest room,my wife was wearing a new mini skirt and a short blouse revealing all her belly and waist,the girl was wearing a very tight jeans without under wear.

My wife asked our guest to feel at home,the dinner was made for him and his daughter,no one else was invited,i ,gave the tray to my wife to give drinks to our guest and his daughter,when he took his glass,he kept his eyes focused on her tits.

The man asked my wife to open the box and see the gift that his daughter brought,when box was opened my wife saw a very sexy pink panties and bra,she kissed the girl and thanked her for her choice.

The girl wanted my wife to wear the panties and the bra to see if they fit her size,my wife stood up ready to go to her room,i told her to do it in front of us in the room,no need to leave the room,she removed her clothes,stood naked,the girl wanted to help my wife while putting on the panties.

I heard the man saying to my wife"you have very sexy body,your round ass,your thighs and your breasts are really sexy",his daughter was not happy ,she said to her dad"i agree with you dad,but my body shape is more sexier"then she pulled down her jeans and her shirt to prove to us.

Her body was much more sexier than my wife,she came closer to my side to give a better view of her body,she turned around to show me her round ass,i kissed her and told here that she has a very sexy body,no way to compare it with a married woman body.

I saw the man pulling out his cock asking my wife to put in her mouth,i pulled out my cock asking the girl for the same,our cocks were going in and out in the two mouths,when they finished sucking,they turned their back to us looking for nice ass fucking.

The foursome lasted for two hours during which we tried many positions,close to mid night our guest and his daughter decided to leave,we asked them to stay longer and sleep but he said he has to wake up early to attend a meeting .


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