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Mystery Man

Everyone had left, it had been a long day.

Why did I have to work on new years eve?

Luckily I only babysit as a side job.

Yet again I find him staring at me, I smile at him, he just carries on staring.

I continue tidying, I over hear his friends invite him outside for another drink but he refuses and then there were two. Just him and me.

I can feel the tension in the air.

He slams his drink down, making me jump and turn around, he walks over to me, he's a talk man with dark features, with a dark look in his eyes and a wicked smile he corners me, I'm stuck.

His face, so close to mine, I can smell the alcohol on his breath, his eyes are hazel with speckles of green, he has long dark eye lashes and a 3 day stubble, his hair is short around the sides and longer on the top that is pushed back.

"have you tasted yourself yet?" he growls

I just stare at him, what does he mean?

"have you tasted yourself yet" he growls louder, he puts his hands over my jeans in between my legs. I gasp, taken back by suprise. I couldn't speak I didn't know what to say?

"answer me" he says through gritted teeth before pushing me to the wall and tightening his grip.

"No, no i haven't" I whisper

His other hand reaches for my face, he pushes my cheek to the side before grabbing my face, he kicks my legs apart, I feel vulnerable yet his actions are making my down stairs hungry. I push myself more into his hand.

He laughs, still holding my face he slowly dips his head down to my ear scrapping his stubble onto my skin.

"I want to taste your cunt" he whispers

Before I could even react, he puts his hands down my hands and into me, putting his other hand over my mouth.

The warmth of his hand in between my legs feels incredible, the motion of his fingers makes me catch my breath, I throw my head back and a whimper escapes.

I can feel the build up inside, my heart is racing, he bites my neck, my legs go week I slam my hands onto the wall trying to hold myself up.

The door opens, he completly stops, "no" I attempt to shout out but it came out muffled and quiet, he removes his hand from my mouth and slowly takes his hands out of my pants whilst grinning at me before stepping away and calling to his friends for a beer. Walking backwards, still grinning he sucks on the fingers that were inside me seconds ago.

Panting and aching for him I stood there helpless and hungry for more but all I could do was watch him walk away.


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