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Naughty Denise

Note: Read Phone Sex with a Stranger first.

Denise and Caleb had a fun day exploring Seattle, getting to know eachother. During dinner they could barely keep their hands to themselves. Caleb decided to ask their waiter a very naughty question, should he spank denise for being a bad girl? Joel, their waiter was in agreement w Caleb. Denise deserved a good hard spanking! Caleb asked to speak to the manager. David Julles came to the table, sat down as to not draw attention to them. Caleb leaned in, asked David if he could use his office to spank his companion, Denise? Caleb offered him $100 for his descretion, another $100 to give him a copy of the security footage when they were finished. David agreed, led them to his office. Denise stripped, she bent over the desk, her ass facing the camera, she braced herself for what was to come. This was a punishment spanking, plain and simple. Caleb called her a bad girl for tricking him, said he's disappointed in her. Then Caleb locked her legs w his, spanked denise harder and harder! When denise had stopped resisting, realizing she was his now, he gave her one last hard spank, making her cry out harder! I'm sorry!

They took the tape, left. On their way to the car, Caleb pulled denise toward the alley, he pulled out his dick, shoved it inside her wet, willing pussy! This time, Caleb really punished denise, when he came, he pulled out, leaving her used and unsatisfied!


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