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Never trust a cheater....part 2.

I sat and watched Jen and Amy torture Chuck's nuts from the safety of my desk chair. My balls were still throbbing from the kicks I took for losing I and Amy's bet, and I was just relieved they weren't crushing my jewels. When they finished finally, and he was a limp moaning pile of anguish on the floor, the girls were whispering and giggling to each other, and agreeing to something I hoped I wouldn't be involved in. Unfortunately I was mistaken. They had a plan...and I was definitely involved.

Amy came over to me, dropped to her knees, and took my cock into her mouth. Jen was staring at us while she slowly sucked me to full attention and tickled and kissed my bruised balls. She stopped mid bj, grabbed me by my dick and told me like she owned me "stand up." I did as I was told and was led to the edge of the desk, and bent over it. I was a little nervous as I'd heard Jen say many times, seeing a woman peg a guy was definitely hot. I hadn't noticed Jen leave....but I assumed she went for a toy. A big, painful toy....but I was wrong. She went for rope. Her and Amy took turns rubbing my balls and cock, and tying me helpless to my desk. Arms secured well and legs tied as far apart as they could muster. At this point I didn't have any clue what these two, still dressed and obviously up to no good were going to do. Visions of anything from a rubber mallet smashing my poor nuts, to experimenting with what might fit in my ass crossed my mind. After making me helpless, they went over and helped Chuck up and sat him in one of the cushy chairs in our office. They rubbed his balls and cock and took turns sucking and stroking his dick until it finally stood full mast. Full mast for Chuck appeared to be about 6 inches, and not very thick, but looked to have a thick head. They'd let him get right to the edge, and quit. Jen kept doing this, and Amy came over to me to tell me the plan. Jen immediately started whispering in his ear as she did, and he didn't look real excited about the news she was delivering.

"Hey," Amy whispered in my ear while she gripped my still sore balls "Jen and I really don't think you guys learned your lesson yet."

Now I'm scared. She's hot as hell, but crazy. I wouldn't be surprised to literally lose a nut tonight. "Oh come on, please Amy"

"Hey, you stuckup for my cheating ass husband. You actually thought he could keep his dick under control." She said squeezing just enough to get a reaction.. "I've trusted him too....and he fucks me. Not in the good way. So now...he's going to fuck you, and I'm sure you'll think it isn't a good way."

Being focused on her I hadn't noticed him walk over behind her. Nor had I noticed my wife strip and stretch out on one of the chairs across the room. Amy was dropping her clothes on the floor on her way over to Jen, and climb on my wife. My dick immediately got hard watching them explore, nibble and lick each other. So did Chuck's. I heard the sound of lube being slathered, and quickly realized what was about to happen. I felt his finger tips grab my cheeks and spread them painfully wide.

"Sorry dude," he said as I felt him target my hole with that bulbous head "at least we have something to watch while I do it."

Jen and Amy stopped and watched as he was getting ready to fuck me. They rearranged so they were sitting side by side and rubbing each other's clits. "That's so fucking hot" Chuck blurted out as he shoved, you might even say forced, his entire cock, to the balls in me. Thank God it was lubed up well, even so I screamed in pain as he thrust in to our balls. I say our balls because he literally slammed his sore swollen nads into mine, which hurt in and of itself without forcefully stretching my asshole at record speed.

As I was whimpering and trying to squirm away, he says "Sorry dude...I should've eased it in huh? At least I'm not huge?" He slowly slid out to the rim of his head and slid gently back in. "It feels fucking huge." I exclaimed. "Thanks dude!" He said, beginning to thrust slowly, all the way in..and all the way out. He slipped out few times, and immediately but gently went right back in, fueled by the giggling rubbing girls on the chairs.

Every thrust, re-entry, and full depth pound, which was slowly becoming the technique made me squeal, grunt, beg for mercy, or cry out. Which made the girls giggle and diddle each other even more. "Dude...your ass is tight as hell, I didnt think I'd enjoy it, but you're a pretty good piece of ass." This compliment might have been great had I enjoyed it at all. His rhythm had gone from gentle to pounding me like a drum. I think the pained noises I was still making was turning him on now, and the puddles on my chairs and floors under the girls was proof they were. I felt him start to tense up a bit and pound a little faster, which made me think my suffering was almost over. When he started to get obviously close he grabbed my hips and the girls moved closer to get a better view. He grabbed my shoulders as he started to climax and shoved it as deep in me as he could get it. I heard a gravelly "Oh fuck dude" as he started to orgasm. I assumed a condom was involved, but the girls apparently thought bareback was way hotter, as I felt him begin to spurt a huge load up my ass. It was not only demoralizing to have my ass reamed against my wishes, but he was filling me with his nut as well. Amy went around behind and milked all the cum out, squeezing his balls and massaging his prostrate. It was a bigger load than I had ever blown. He slid out and gave my balls a playful, but painful tug telling me "Dude, I'd gladly fuck you again."

I slid to the floor, feeling his seed dripping out of my now gaping ass....and groaning in pain. But I doubted this night was over. But that's another story.


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