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New Fanfic I'm Working On. <3

“Come over. No one’s home.” Mark’s text says with a picture of him naked, just out of the shower, flexing his muscles. I can see just enough down his V line to see just the base of his cock. I bite my lip and text him back.

“I’ll be there in five.” I get on my schoolgirl outfit, get my stuff together and head out of the apartment and his place is only about a five minute walk. I knock on the door and ring the doorbell. He answers the door. Face shaven, completely naked and hard as a rock. I drop my stuff and just absorb the image. His dark wet hair covering his face, water dripping off his perfectly framed jaw trickling down his chiseled brawny chest. I look down toward his V line and imagine my lips and tongue trailing down it towards his throbbing cock. He puts one hand on his hip as he slicks his hair back with the other.

“What are you looking at, huh?” I look up at his face and see the mischief in his eyes. It’s been months since we’ve messed around. I loiter up to him.

“You called for me?” I coo as I nonchalantly graze my fingernails up and down his arms, keeping eye contact.

“I did.” He runs his hands up my plaid skirt and grabs my ass tightly. I catch his hands and force them back at his sides.

“Why?” I question sternly with a playful smile. He smirks and raises his eyebrow, surprised I’m asking what his motives are.

“I’m lonely. I have the house all to myself, and I wanted you to join me.” I take my index and middle fingers and gently stroke the underside of his cock with the come hither motion. He grunts and closes his eyes, his breathing gradually getting deeper and heavier.

“You also wanted to be a naughty boy and cheat on Amy again, huh? With me?” I bite my lip trying to keep from moaning myself. I grab his chin firmly with my other hand. “Just can’t get enough of me, can you? Tsk Tsk. Such a bad Markimoo.” I let go of his chin, continuing the come hither motion on his cock.

“But you keep coming back to me too. You want me just as bad and you know it.” I push him into a wall and scratch my nails down his sides, hearing him whimper quietly as he trembles under my touch. He tries once more to put his hands up my skirt and I again pin them to his sides.

“How much do you want me?” I ask relentlessly. My lips hovering right by his. “How badly do you want to pin me up against your bedroom door and fuck my tight little cunt, huh?” I gravitate toward his neck, letting him feel hot puffs of my breath as I speak lowly. “How badly do you want my warm, wet welcoming mouth around that rock hard cock of yours? Hm?” He moans softly in response.

“So badly.” He mumbles.

“I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you over your moaning.” I get down on my knees in one swift motion and kiss and lick around the base of his cock.

“F-fuuuuuck! Molls please just…” I look up at him and smile.

“That’s the word I was looking for. ‘Please.’” I kiss my way up his cock, flicking my tongue over it. I get to the tip, place my lips on it, inviting his member into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around it as I hear his small grunts. I run my hands up and down his hips slowly as I take more in gradually. I feel his hands grip my shoulders, one slowly making its way up my neck, digging his nails in and leaving marks. I moan on his cock as he pulls my hair.

“Mmmmhhh~ It feels so good having my slut back on my cock.” He knows the moment he calls me pet names I lose all dominance I have in me and submit to his every word. I whine in response and he pulls my hair harder, yanking my mouth off his throbbing, soaked member.

“Isn’t it nice to be back here to please Master after such a long time, huh princess?” I nod.

“Y-yes Master it very much is!” I say looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. He looks down and smiles and taps the underside of my chin with his finger, signaling me to stand. I perk up and he looks at my outfit consisting of fishnets and a skirt, which he is tugging on it.

“What’s this?” He questions.

“It’s a skirt, Master?” He looks at me and narrows his eyes.

“You walk over here like this?”

“Yes Sir.”

“You thought it would be a good idea walking around here looking like a slut?”

“Well I…” He curls his fingers around my neck, giving a gentle squeeze.

“‘Yes’ or ‘no’ kitten. It isn’t a difficult question.” I hesitate and he squeezes a bit tighter.

“Y-yes Sir.” I manage to get out.


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