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New found fantasy

Ohh that one realy stinks dear,its because of all the bacon and extra cheese your wife gave me for dinner said Sheena with a smile on her face while farting with my dik in her mouth. Dont worry Aunty,i am used to these stinkers these days. Renne hardly completes a 69 without farting in my mouth and moreover i always wanted to know how your farts sounded and smelled like said Rob while licking his aunt's fart box. Sheena was his wife's aunt.she was a woman with no rules when it came to sex. Rob and Renne were the ideal couple that one could dream of. Renne loved what Robs hairy ass could produce. She felt proud that her husband farted like a real man with no shame. Rob was hesitant in the begining of thier relationship to feed or eat farts but later on he mastered the art of farting in front of his wife. Sheena was the one who influenced renne to develop a fart fetish. She used to fart everytime renne was near her and made sure she inhaled her 43 yr old butt fumes. Sheena never farted in the toilet. She farted when her 34 inch butt wished to. Neither did she wear panties ever.she had a strong fart fetish and loved men who could pass gas loudly.
Renne got married to Rob and used to stay in thier house. Sheena used to stay with them to avoid a long journey from her office to her house. Rob had once seen Sheena rubbing herself in the toilet.He accidentaly entered the toilet without knowing that his aunt is in there. she was looking at her poop in the toilet and rubbing herself while he saw her. He closed the door and left the room immediately but the image of his wife's aunt doing it never left his mind. He was having breakfast while sheena walked past him. Hope you loved what you saw Rob she said. Rob was shocked like he saw a demon in front of him. By the way ask renne to flush the next time she uses my toilet, those were some heavy logs that she had dumped.rob sat on d table as if he just got shot. But renne has not been to the toilet today aunt said rob. Well its not me and i hope its not you said sheena. She farted as she walked away. Rob had never heard a woman fart so loud other than his mom till he heard sheena do it. Ignore that rob renne told me about your fantasies and i know what you do to her. Saying this she pulled off her skirt and stuck her ass onto. Robs face. He could feel. Her butthole on his knows gettimg ready to explode. Before he could stop she faryed on his face and got hold of his 7" dick.
Tjis will continue till the time i am. Here rob she said and started blowing his rod.



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