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New York, New York!

Violet has always been the good girl. She decided she's done pleasing everyone else in her life. She applied, was accepted at NYU. Financial aid, scholarships, working part time is how she got there. She's ready to be on her own. The first thing Violet did when she went exploring was get a tattoo.

She decided months ago what tattoo she wants, a hummingbird near a flower and live your dreams on her right forearm/wrist. When her parents see it for the first time they probably won't approve, but Violet doesn't care.

Classes are going great! Everyone is so honest, free to speak their mind. Surprising herself, Violet is as opinionated as everyone else! Dr. Sawyer her English professor is impressed at how well read and funny she is. Violet was warned by her mother that smooth talking men only want sex, so be careful she said. Violet got Mirena on her last gyno appt so she won't get pregnant. She wants to have sex and lots of it!!! She's not going to turn into a slut, just experiment a little. Down the street from the tattoo shop she saw a sex toy store. Walking in she was amazed at how many dildos and vibrators were there! She left w a vibrator, lube and a small butt plug.

It was almost Thanksgiving. It'd started snowing early this year. Violet decided to stay on campus, she'd go home for Christmas. She went to the Salvation Army to serve thanksgiving to the homeless. On her way back to her apartment, Violet saw Dr. Sawyer drop something off at her mailbox. Violet spoke, Dr. Sawyer slipped and fell in the snow laughing. Violet helped him inside, fixed them both hot cocoa w marshmellows. He thought she'd be in CA w her family. In class they'd discussed a book, he brought her a copy. Of course, now that Violet is here, he's flirting w her. After some more flirting, Violet kissed him hard on the mouth! She stopped abruptly, leaving him wanting more! Sawyer swatted her ass, said come closer, you're being a naughty girl! Violet was ready, she'd spanked herself a lot lately to get used to it in case a lover was into it. Sawyer pulled down violets leggings, panties. He spanked her hard on each asscheek, then fingered her wet pussy! She came almost instantly! He let her up, she undressed fully. Sawyer also got undressed and they went to her bedroom. Violet wanted him so bad! She pushed her professor onto the bed, took his solid 8in cock in her mouth, sucked, slurped, swirled her tongue around the helmet, down his shaft, on his balls! He was very close! Violet stopped, straddled his torso, put his dick deep inside her pussy! Kissing, moaning, ass grabbing, spanking, fucking like animals! Violet screamed without thinking, Fuck Me Daddy! That sent Dr. Sawyer over the edge! He filled his "daughter's" cunt w his hot cum!!! Violet came when he did! Before she got off of him, he spanked her ass once more, told her good girls get spanked too.

They showered, dressed, went to dinner. It was nice that Sawyer didn't just want to fuck and duck her. In talking he learned he was her first sexual conquest. Although, she'd broken her hymen w her hairbrush when she was 16. He asked if she wanted him to be her sex tutor? Violet nodded, said yes.

To be continued.


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