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No More Secrets 2

A huge weight has been lifted off Mark's shoulders! He felt loved, accepted from his siblings, now to tell their parents. He decided a family dinner in the house he grew up in was the right place to tell them. Mark knows his dad, Chris always grills out on Sunday afternoon after he's home from the golf course. Mom puts everything else together. Sitting down to eat, Mark said, mom, dad, I've met someone. Not missing a beat in unison his parents said, "what's his name?, what's he like?

Mark was dumbfounded! He sat there a second, finally croaked out, you know I'm gay? Chris spoke up first, yes son, we've known since you were 16, but we didn't want to be helicopter parents. We gave you the sex talk, bought you condoms. Remember we said whoever you have sex with, make sure it's 100% consensual and 100% safe. We intentionally left out the pregnancy speech. Mark was so relieved! They all cried happy tears! When they'd calmed down, his dad asked who my new guy is, details about him. He filled them in during dessert, his mom's famous strawberry cheesecake! Victor Johansson is his age, 25, he's working at Varble, Gordon marketing firm. They met at a sports bar, bonded over baseball and beers. His parents are happy Mark isnt hiding who he is anymore!


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