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No More Secrets

Mark couldn't hide being gay anymore! He refused to lie again! He has been so happy, relaxed this weekend with Victor. He met him at a sports bar one night after work. Victor bought Mark a drink, talked about the Cardinals starting lineup, the coaches, the sports they played in college. Mark wrestled like AC Slater in Saved By The Bell, Victor played basketball. After he bought the next round, Mark went to drain the lizard. After the game was over, Victor gave Mark his number, said when we see each other again you'll have to show me some wrestling moves, then he leaned over and kissed Mark full on the mouth! Mark enjoyed it! He felt his cock stirring, then Victor smiled and walked out the door. Woohoo! The Cards won! And he met a hot guy!!! His excitement waned a little, he knew it was time to come out to his family and friends.

Not expecting his brother and sister to answer and invited them to dinner. He thought it'd be easier to tell them first, to have allies when he told their parents. Dinner was at 6pm at Portland's most popular restaurant, Griffin's. On the ride there Alana and Adam, they're fraternal twins, talked about why Mark invited them out tonight? Alana told Adam Mark is probably finally going to come out! Ooh! I bet he met someone great! Adam agreed his sister is probably right, she usually is. Plus, last year Adam saw Mark kissing his best friend, Jonathan at their house on New Year's Eve. Adam never said anything to anyone bc it's no ones business, but Mark's.

As soon as they all sat down, Alana leaned over, told Mark, it's ok that you're gay, we'll never stop loving you. Adam touched his older brothers shoulder, told him, it's not a big deal at all man! Mark smiled with tears in his eyes, said," thank God, No More Secrets!"


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