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On the Floor

I walked into the living room with a fresh beer for you. Your first one slipped off the edge of the coffee table when I tried moving it by myself. I blamed you for the careless spill and told you to clean it up. I love seeing you on your hands and knees, using my soapy rag to scrub the carpet. I stood for a moment, just to watch. Your back arched when you stretched to reach the corner, and your low rise jeans slipped down past your hips.

We had decided to move the coffee table because I wanted to wrestle you. You’ll never be my top choice because you’re so small and susceptible, but I felt like wrestling and you were my only option. I could have you pinned on that carpet in seconds.

When I saw you down on all fours, soaking up my spill, my mouth began to water. I forgot all about wrestling, and I just watched you moving. I couldn’t take my eyes away from your lower back, your hips, your curves peeking out from the back of your jeans. I sighed with a deep breath, and you noticed me watching you. You turned your head and smiled, and you told me that the mess was almost gone. I smiled too, and I set your fresh beer on the edge of table.

You didn’t turn your head again when I started approaching you from behind. You were so focused, so meticulous. Perhaps you noticed me walking towards you, but I don’t think you wanted me to interrupt your chore. Maybe you knew what my primal smile meant or maybe you didn’t, but I didn’t care enough to ask.

I grabbed you by the back of your loose jeans and pulled them down past your ass. I heard your soft whimpers when I grabbed you, but you still didn’t turn around. You held your position on your hands and knees, and you leaned yourself forward with outstretched arms to scrub the farthest corner. Your back arched and your hips rose when your reached out, and I was transfixed by your curves. I felt like I was moving with you, and I caught myself licking my lips.

I pushed your shirt up and unhooked your bra. I lightly traced my fingers down your spine, and your goosebumps formed as I gently traveled lower. I stopped at your hips and took a firmer grip. You moaned out loud when I dug in my fingers. When I heard your quiet gracious moaning, I could no longer keep myself contained. I clawed my fingers in deeper and sunk my teeth into your bare ass.

I used very light pressure with my teeth while I sucked hard. Your tender ass bruises so easily, and I wanted my mouth to mark you. When you felt my lips, tongue, teeth, you couldn’t quiet your moaning. I glanced up and saw your fingers gripping into the carpet, and I bit down harder. You cried out again, so I moved to your other cheek and bit down even harder. This time you didn’t make a sound, but I felt you start to tremble.

I pulled your pants past your thighs. You squirmed for me in anticipation and deepened the arch of your back when you moved to rest your forehead on the floor. I reached one arm around your waist and pulled you towards me. With my other hand, I reached down between your legs from behind. I could feel your heat radiating as I slid my hand between your thighs. I waited a moment before touching you. I love listening to your excited panting, and I could feel warm droplets from your cunt onto my fingers. When I felt you dripping, I dug my nails into your stomach with my other hand. Your soft whimpers turned into louder moans, and I couldn’t contain myself.

My fingers damp from your juices, I parted your lips. You were soaked before I even touched you. I pressed my hand against your clit, and I could feel you throbbing. You rolled your hips against my hand, wanting more. I moaned when your hips moved, and I started rubbing. You were so wet, and I rubbed fast, my coated fingers sliding over your swollen clit.

I felt you shake again, and I felt the need to be inside you. I slid two fingers into you, so warm, so wet. I took my other hand from around your waist and continued rubbing your sensitive clit. I held you in that position on all fours with my body nearly wrapped around you. Your hips were grinding with my fingers so deep inside you, and I felt you clenching tightly as I continued rubbing with my other hand. I kept my movements steady as you lost control.

You clenched my fingers so tightly, your thighs were trembling, and you were grunting viscerally. I could feel you on the edge, and in that moment, I wanted your cum more than anything. I begged you to cum for me, all over my hands, drip down my arms. Just as I managed the words, I felt your spasms on my fingers and your whole body seized underneath me. I lay on top of you for a moment, my fingers still inside you, and we both caught our breath. Eventually I got up, licked my fingers, and handed you your beer.


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