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One day

I'm on my my knees before you. Worshipping you. You thick cock filling my mouth. I hear the door behind me open and I see you raise your hand to wave whoever is there, inside. I look up at you with your cock spreading my lips wide. You have no interest in introductions. You grab my hair, pulling my head back and you tell me to keep my mouth open. Two strong men walk to me. You spit in my mouth then step back. Their big cocks are out and and they're stroking them. One guy is black and really buff with great big balls. The other is white and his cock is really fat and thick. The white one sticks his cock in my mouth and holds my head as the other grabs my hand, spits in it and places my hand on his dick. I jerk him off as I'm getting throat fucked by the other. The black guy grabs my hair and puts his cock is my mouth while the other one squats down and smacks my tits before attaching my nipple clamps then he grabs me by my hair as he lays down on his back on the floor and drags me ontop of him, he shoves his huge cock inside my pussy. Grabbing my hips, making me bounce up nd down on his cock. The black guy spreads my ass cheeks and slowly works his cock into my asshole as he puts his fingers in my mouth and holds it open. Both of them fucking me, filling my holes. I feel both their cocks sliding against each other inside me. I cum hard and am hoping they are done with me. They aren't. The black one grabs my hair now and pulls me straight back and down, to where I'm on my feet and squating down as he clings to me and fucks my asshole fast. The white guy stands and rams his cock in my throat and jerks himself. The black guy cums in my asshole. A huge load. He grabs my shoulders and pushes them to the floor as the white guy lifts my hips and he too fucks my asshole until he cums. You standing off to the side, damand me to "endure" position where I'm squatting down on my tippy toes. My thighs resting on my heels. My arms up and hands behind my head. Your watching as all the cum drips out of my asshole and my pussy drools onto the floor. You walk up and gently remove my nipple clamps. And tell me I'm a good slut as you push my head down and tell me to eat the cum off of the floor...


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