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One night at Hannah’s

Taking a bath while my husband is a the park with our kids. Normally I don’t get alone time like this and my mind is beginning wonder down a very familiar path that I don’t allow it to very often. I’m happily married and between my career and being a mother, my sexuality rarely gets the attention that I’ve always loved to give it.

For the reason of time I’ll keep this fairly brief and give the readers of this an example. I’m well mannered and “mostly” well behaved most of my life, and few know just how deep my rabbit hole goes when it comes to my sexual fantasies and some of the forbidden desires I have locked away inside me.

Since I was a girl I’ve had lesbian curiosities and even arousals. One of my most vivid memories of the first sensations of intense sexual arousal was when I was laying in bed with one of my girlfriends one night when I slept over with her. As we laid in bed under her covers in the dark, I could hear her parents in their room above us having sex. She and I were already talking about sex and sharing some very private thoughts and I was feeling a bit turned on just engauging in that sort conversation with her, and it was clear she was as well because neither of us were being shy about or personal space as we both scooted closer to each other as the conversation deepened.

At the moment I realized what the sounds were coming from above, I was nestled up close, and the earth of her bare skin against mine was causing new stirrings within me which was giving me thoughts I’d not yet explored fullly, but the idea of touching her was becoming very consuming.

As much as I wanted to, I was so nervous and fearful that she would react in a negative way I choose instead to quietly touch myself on the outside of my panties while I listened to the sounds above.

She told me she would alway get irritated when they were being loud like they were that night, but lately it turned her on for a curious reason, and she confessed that it turned her on now and that she masturbated almost every time she heard them. She fantasized about sneaking into their bedroom and watching them to see what they were doing with her own eyes, and she knew it was weird but she trusted me not to tell anyone about what she’d told me.

It changed everything for me and I was soon sliding my fingertips along the outside of her thigh and eventually to her pantyline as she told me more. I imagined myself in her place and quietly sneaking into her her parents bed with them. I also confessed, and I told her about how many times I’d masturbated thinking about her step-dad, fantasized often about him finding me in the hallway, or leading me into his bedroom to play with me and talk me into doing dirty things with him, both alone and sometimes in front of her mom.

As you might imagine, our inhibitions began falling away quickly, and it didn’t take long for her fingers were massaging my swollen clit and making me orgasm while I was touching her plump little breasts and playing with her nipples.

I think about that night often while I lay in the tub, and it’s just as arousing now as it was then because the eorticism if the moment, as well as the experiences that followed afterward the more time we spent together. Hope you enjoyed reading one if my biggest secrets.

👄. Sarah


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